Check out our interview with beauty influencer Omehabiba Khan.

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Have you always wanted to be a social media influencer?

I knew I wanted to be someone that was going to make a change.

How did you become a social media influencer?

It started with my love of being in front of the camera and editing videos like music videos.

What was the biggest mistake you made when you were first starting? What lesson did you learn?

When I first started I used to be somewhat cocky that I was able to hack the algorithm and get 4 million plus views sometimes on my videos. I realized VERY early on that the algorithm is doesn’t FAVOR one person and it’s consistency and quality that actually do the work.

Can you share some of your strategies you’ve used to build an engaged, loyal, and large online community?

Have your own voice and be unapologetically authentic. Stop trying to be perfect, let people see the real you.

Can you share with us two routines that you use to help your mind or heart to thrive?

I try to read every week or a little a day. And for my heart, I do things I normally wouldn’t. Like going out of my way to hear someone’s story or check in on someone I haven’t spoken to in a while.

What is the strangest, most bizarre or funniest wellness treatment that you’ve ever experienced?

I can’t say that anything I’ve done is strange because I think each treatment I’ve done I do a lot of research on. Many don’t know what wet cupping is, so I can definitely discuss that.
It is a detoxification of your blood using small cuts and round cups.

This ends up leaving huge bruises on your back and arm but I feel completely rejuvenated after.

What has been your greatest experience in the industry and why?

Meeting inspirational people like Huda, Alya and Mona Kattan. It’s inspiring to see women with similar upbringing and culture build an empire.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Turn your negative energy as fuel to drive it into a positive one.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to enter the influencer industry?

If anyone doesn’t want you to do it, it’s because they are afraid to see you do better then them. So DO IT!