Check out our interview with multi-talented British actor Andy Gatenby who is best known for his diverse skillset and unique background in both acting and professional boxing. With a winning record as an undefeated boxer, Gatenby brings a rare combination of physicality and athleticism to his performances on screen.

His acting career has taken off in recent years, with notable appearances in major productions such as “Renegades,” “Nemesis,” and “World’s Most Evil Killers.” These roles have showcased Gatenby’s versatility as an actor and established him as a rising star in the industry.

Gatenby’s background in boxing has given him a distinct edge in action and fight scenes, making him a sought-after performer for physically demanding roles. With his natural charisma and undeniable on-screen presence, Gatenby continues to captivate audiences with his performances and solidify his place as a standout performer in the industry.

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Gutsy, Cheeky, Go-getter

How did you get started into acting?

I was previously an unbeaten professional boxer and won my first six back-to-back fights. My next fight was for the English title, but unfortunately, I failed a routine medical due to an issue they found in my eye exam and had to retire from boxing. I was still determining what direction to go down after this, as id boxed for 15 years. I wanted to find something new to focus my energy on and had always been intrigued by acting. I auditioned for drama school and quickly caught the acting bug. I’d always been an entertainer, so it was a perfect substitute for me. I got to work on my new craft and never looked back. I went to every acting workshop I could find, read every book and watched every youtube video on acting. I transferred my work ethic from professional boxing to acting and worked my socks off on my new craft. After four years, things started to take off, and I’m now a working actor in tv/film.

How has this changed your life? 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always chased greatness. I’m different from the sort of person who can plod along with no goals. I’m always striving to be better and improve. Acting has given me everything I needed to channel that drive. Ambition and determination to see how far I can go. Every audition for me is like buying a lottery ticket, and it’s such as buzz, knowing that life can change with a single phone call.

What is the best and worst part of being an actor?

I love everything about being an actor. I enjoy the process and feel privileged to be in my position. Lots of people would love to be able to act. I live in the moment and appreciate the journey. The worst part is waiting to hear if you’ve got the role. Sometimes it takes so long, haha

How do you prepare for a role?

I’m fortunate that I’ve had a great upbringing. I grew up in the fighting city of Portsmouth. I’ve gained many experiences that set me apart from the average person. I’ve boxed as an elite athlete. I’ve been around the good, the bad, and the ugly. So when it’s time to get into character, I use my life experiences to tap into who I should be. And then, I go to work on building that profile.

Tell us about your work in “Renegades,” “Nemesis ,” and “World’s Most Evil Killers?”

Renegades was fantastic. What a cast they pulled together for that one. Starring in a film with Danny Trejo, Lee Majors, Tiny Lister, and the rest of the gang was a fantastic experience. I always say it doesn’t matter if you’ve done ten films or one hundred. At that moment, you’re all as important as each other as they can’t do their job unless you step up and do yours. So sharing the screen with so many on-screen legends was a big step up for me. I loved it; It’s a buzz everyone can watch on VOD services and see me in action.
Nemesis was a great film. They filmed during the pandemic, which was very challenging for Shogun Films. They have done a fantastic job, and It was a pleasure to act alongside Billy Murray and Bruce Payne. Watching them two bounce off each other was great. I love working with Billy. What he doesn’t know about screen acting isn’t worth knowing, he’s been there and done it. So getting the opportunity to soak up all his experiences is fantastic. It’s playing on Tubi in the USA now.

World’s Most Evil Killers was one of my earliest roles. It was a story about Carry Stayner, whos currently on death row. I was portraying Carry in the series. My daughter was about five years old and had briefly seen an article about the show. She told her teachers at school that id killed people, so it was an awkward conversation when picking her up from school.

What kind of roles do you like or would like to play and why?

I love playing the bad person or crook. They are the most fun roles for me. You don’t behave like that in real life, so I find it entertaining to do it on screen in the world of make-believe.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Getting to share it on the big screen with friends and family.

What’s your advice for the newer actors? 

Think outside of the box. Don’t just sit at the back of the queue with another thousand actors waiting for fortune to drop down in front of them. Set goals, create action plans, Be passionate and make it happen. Work, work, work and believe it’s going to happen. Tell yourself daily and use visualisations to see what you want before it happens.

What would say are the greatest lessons you learned so far in this business?

I learnt this lesson long ago, but take everything with a pinch of salt until it happens. I used to get super excited when someone told me they were making a new film, for example, and had a three-million-pound budget. I would think oh, that’s great. It’s going to happen. And then something would come up, and everything would change. I get excited now once I’m on set and hear the words action. That’s when I start to get a buzz.

Now tell us about your professional boxing career. How challenging was the preparation for fights and for keeping the weight and the fitness level needed for boxing?

Making weight, that scares me just hearing those words, haha. It’s one of the most challenging parts of being an elite-level fighter boiling down to the lightest weight possible but keeping your strength. It’s a mental battle that you face daily. But when you get into the swing of it, mental resilience takes over, and most foods become luxuries you don’t have. When I was boxing, I would do a five-mile run at six am—a strength and conditioning session at about two pm and a two-hour session every evening. I would do this for five or six days a week. Now I work just as hard on acting, but I don’t have to get punched in the face. Sometimes I wake up at five am and work on my accents for an hour or two before work. I’m then putting one or two hours in every single evening. I never stand still, and I’m constantly pushing forward. I have to thank boxing for the work ethic it’s given me. I make sure I’m the hardest worker in the room.

How would your best friend describe you?

A Geezer haha,

What advice would you give to your younger self and why?

I would say everything is going to be ok. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and it will all be alright.

What book should every entrepreneur read?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

What’s next for Andy Gatenby in 2023?

My goals, like always, are to work, work and work. Keep growing and keep pushing forward. I’m waiting to hear back from a couple of auditions, and I’ve got an action film later in the year, but that’s under an NDA. I’m winning if I’m a better version of myself next year. Every day I try to be better than the day before. As soon as I’ve finished one role, I think about how I can be better for the next one.

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

If I could see anyone in the world. I would go and see my Uncle Brian, He passed a few years ago, and I would love nothing more than to sit down and have a beer with him again.

Best advice ever given?

If you have a problem in life, face it head-on with 100% concentration. Face that problem with every resource you can, and when that problem moves away, move on to the next one. Once you approach every situation like this, you become a problem solver, and it opens up new doors. Problems have got a habit of sticking about and getting worse if you leave them to rot, no matter what they are. Face them head-on. Don’t shy away, don’t hide and don’t ignore them. Hearing this changed my life long ago when I was worried about a fight I had coming up. After someone told me this perspective, I trained like a lunatic and put everything into the preparations. I trained so hard that it felt like it would kill me. But when it came to fight night, I knocked my opponent out in the first round, and the problem was gone—that’s now my life motto.

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years from now?

In mainstream television and big films.

Where we can follow you?

Twitter @gatenbygas

Instagram @gatenbygas

Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Quote: He who dares

Movie: Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves

Tv Series: Game Of Thrones

Favorite Food: Cheesy chips with mayo, cheeky little combo

Travel Destination: Vegas

Sports Team: Boxer Tyson Fury