Check out our interview with Celebrity Cosmetic Chemist & Author Vince Spinnato who knows a thing or two about beauty, with a career spanning over 25 years in the personal care, cosmetic and fine fragrance industries. As President & CEO of TurnKey Beauty, VS Vincenzo Ltd., and Vincenzo Skincare, Spinnato has formulated and developed hundreds of products for skin and hair care, color cosmetics, bath & body and fine fragrances as well as baby products, pet products, and an energy drink! His newest luxury product, Caviar & Diamond debuted in 2020 under the Vincenzo Skincare brand.

Considered an expert in his field, Spinnato has been a contributor to Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Esquire, GQ, Whole Foods Magazine, Health News Digest, Riviera and more. His memoir, My Pursuit of Beauty: A Cosmetic Chemist Reveals The Glitz, The Glam and The Batsh*t Crazy was released in January 2021 and a documentary about his life is in post-production.

Spinnato’s celebrity clients include Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Lorna Luft, Carrie Underwood, Victoria Beckham, Seth MacFarlane, Jessica Simpson, Michael Jordon, and Lindsay Lohan.

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Describe yourself in 3 words? 

Dedicated, loyal and irreverent. 

What’s your background? 

I was born in Vineland, NJ in 1974 and am 100% Italian Roman Catholic. I’ve been a cosmetic chemist/perfumer for the last 25 years. 

When did you start in the business? 

I opened the doors of TurnKey Beauty Inc in Beverly Hills in 1995 to develop skincare products for the stars, as well as for retail brands, private label and white label retail companies. To prepare for my career, I interned at Beverly Hills beauty establishments to learn the business before attending UCLA for selected topics in cosmetic chemistry. Next, I completed a two-year apprenticeship to study the manufacturing and retail end of the industry nationally and internationally. I am also a Certified Nose, a designation to the perfume industry that is similar to a sommelier for wine. In addition to TurnKey Beauty, Inc., VS Vincenzo Ltd., Inc., Aegean Skincare, LLC and Vincenzo Skincare, LLC, he formulated and developed hundreds of products for well-known brands, including skin and hair care, color cosmetics, bath & body and fine fragrances.

What book should every entrepreneur read? 

Mine! My Pursuit of Beauty: A Cosmetic Chemist Reveals the Glitz, The Glam and the Batsh*t Crazy and Coco Chanel’s biography Chanel and Her World. 

What is the key to your success? 

I’m totally committed. I never give up and never take no for an answer. I’m also driven, constantly seeking to hone my craft. I’m also painfully honest, so much so that some of my clients call me a “dream killer”. If they come to me with wild ideas for new products, I don’t hesitate to say, “That’s impossible. It won’t ever happen.” 

What is fun and rewarding about what you do? And what’s not? 

Developing products for celebrities and brands that make people look and feel beautiful is the rewarding part. Unfortunately, I’m a “ghost developer” for beauty products and don’t get any credit.

Now what about your beauty and skincare brand? 

I’ve spent my career creating hundreds of products for skin and hair care, color cosmetics, bath & body and fine fragrances for others through my companies. I recently launched my own brand, Vincenzo Skincare, LLC, with Caviar & Diamond, a luxury product line.

Can you name a few of your celebrity clients? 

Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jordan, Jessica Simpson, Miss Universe Dyanara Torres, Gwen Stephani, Lorna Luft, Victoria Beckham, Seth MacFarlane, Lindsay Lohan and others. 

 Who will be in your bucket list to work with? 

I’d love to work with Lady Gaga, not just because of her beauty and talent, but because we share a lot of beliefs including advocacy for the LGBTQ community. I’d also like to work with Tom Ford. The man is a genius. 

What do you think is the secret to have a successful business/brand like yours? 

Products have to perform well and produce quick results, as well as work the way they are advertised. Ingredients must have clinical data supporting those results.

Now tell us about the Caviar & Diamond? 

Since I was a kid watching “The Young and the Restless” with my grandmother, I’ve always wanted to create luxury products that are good for the skin and beautiful to the eye under the VS Vincenzo brand. None-the-less, my first product, Caviar & Diamond made from those little black fish eggs and diamond sirt (dust) was 10 years in the making. Why caviar? Because it’s not just edible, it has an amazing effect on the skin and contains anti-aging properties that help diminish fine lines, wrinkles and feathering. It also contributes to renewing and regenerating energy to long forgotten dead skin cells, so it not only treats and corrects age damage that has already been done, it helps to slow future aging. Why diamond sirt? It also plays a key role in the aging process. Combine the two and you have products loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals. 

Where we can buy them?

Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why? 

I’m obsessed with Louis Vuitton and have luggage, belts, sunglasses, and clothing. My dog, Savannah, even wears a Louis collar! The brand has stood the test of time by setting a high standard and never wavering. I also admire Tom Ford’s line for its simplicity and quality. And I can’t leave out Christian Louboutin shoes.

What does fashion mean to you?  

Clothing makes a statement about who you are and also who you want to be. It presents a facet of your personality. 

How would you explain your fashion style? 

Even though I like fine things, I’m basically a casual guy. The more comfortable the clothes, the better. Right now, my Louis Vuitton track suit is my favorite thing to wear.

What do you think makes you different and so popular compared to other brands in the market? 

After creating skincare products for others for decades, I finally launched my own VS Vincenzo line in 2020 that is carefully researched and performance driven. I want it to be the best brand it can possibly be. 

How would your best friend describe you? 

I hope they feel that I will always be there for them, as so many have been there for me during difficult times. I’m willing to help out at the drop of a hat, give them emotional support and the shirt off my back. My trademark is to always keep them laughing. 

What is your own definition of happiness? 

Being able to do what you want to do in life at your own pace. Following my dreams. It’s difficult to work for others. Doing what I love for as long as I can. 

What is next for Vince Spinnato in 2021? 

My book and e-book published January 10, the audio book launch is coming soon, my documentary, “Skin Deep: Formulating a Legacy” and the launch of Caviar & Diamond is not just on the horizon, it’s here and now.

Something people don’t know about you? 

Though I’m outgoing, I’ve never been a party animal. I love doing nothing. Cuddling on couch with Savannah and watching movies is my idea of a great day. 

Who was your role model as a child? 

Madonna. I love her music but she’s also a brilliant business woman and self-marketer who has had the ability to change her image every few years and attract a new audience. She knows what she’s doing, all right!

What are your makeup bag staples when traveling?  

I carry hand sanitizer that I manufacturer, my Caviar & Diamond Micellar Fluid, Eye Cream, and my C&D heavy translucent gel for my face that helps  moisturize it when I’m traveling, and a prototype of my own fragrance called InVINCEable. 

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why? 

I would have loved to meet Judy Garland and watch her perform. I could listen to her music all day. Her struggles dealing with fame and adversity are totally relatable. She’s a living legend in my book. 

What is your favorite healthy food?

Ahh. That’s easy. Ahi tuna. 

And your favorite cheat food? 

Pizza, of course. It harkens back to my Italian roots.

What would be a deal breaker on a first date? 

If my date can’t hold a conversation and keep up intellectually, he’s toast. 

Which project is still on your bucket list? 

I want to develop a product line to help treat and prevent trichotillomania, a hidden hair pulling disorder that has beset me since I was 11. My friend, Joanna is another sufferer, and she and I are launching a non-profit named “Tric-Stars” to provide a community where people can “come out of the closet” and be counted. 

In five years from now, where do you see yourself and your career? 

I want my VS Vincenzo brand to be as well-known as established brand names such as Estee Lauder and Chanel.

What music do you like? 

I listen to WWII 40s music that I heard growing up in Vineland, New Jersey. Ella Fitzgerald is my all-time favorite and I can listen to her all day long. Louis Armstrong is second. 

Do you support any charity? 

Shortly after my father and grandfather died, I established two scholarships in the arts at my alma mater, Vineland High School in New Jersey, to honor both who were well known musicians. I named it The Professor Enrico Serra & Vincent Spinnato Sr. Scholarship and personally present the awards every year. They’re each worth $20,000 over four years.  

Because I realize how essential clean water is to health and wellness, I’m working with Wells of Life, a non-profit that provides reliable water projects to communities in African nations. Last year I sponsored my first water well in Uganda. There are more to come.

True confession: My pet project is volunteering with the Wounded Warriors project with my beautiful English Mastiff, Savannah, a certified comfort dog. I’ve owned three other English Mastiffs—Sable, Falon and Alexis—named after the female characters in my favorite-of-all-times TV show, “Dynasty.” All have come from the same lineage and have become amazing pets who grew into 200 pounds of pure love. 

What do you like to watch on TV? 

Horror films like the Friday the 13th and the Halloween franchises get my mind off of my troubles. I’m also a “Walking Dead” junkie. 

3 things you can’t leave home without? 

My 200-pound English mastiff, Savannah. My iPhone, a chap stick I developed for Starbucks and multiple bottles of VOSS water. 

Idea of a perfect Sunday? 

I go back to my Catholic roots and treat Sunday as a day of rest. I chill out with Savannah, give her a bath and try not to read emails or take business calls. We hang out watching movies.

What do you think of Social Media? 

Honestly, I wish it never existed, but in today’s business world, it’s a necessity. You have no choice.

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Quote: “Beauty comes from within…jars, bottles and tubes.” (Anonymous)

Actor/Actress: Ryan Reynolds, Meryl Streep

Drink: Breathless Brut from Breathless Sparkling Wines that was created for me and  with My Pursuit of BeautyBreathless Beauty Cocktail created for Pursuit of Beauty by Vince Spinnato!

Find the beauty in every day…and create your own!

1 oz. Hpnotiq

1 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Kinky Pink Liqueur 

4 oz. Breathless Brut Rose

Shake Hpnotiq and vodka in shaker with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Next, shake Kinky Pink Liqueur with ice. Strain and mix with Breathless Brut Rose. Carefully layer the pink froth onto the blue. Think beautiful thoughts.

City: Savannah, Georgia is my favorite city in the world. I love it so much I named my dog after it.

Movie: “Gone With the Wind.” 

Sport Team: Philadelphia Eagles.

Song: “Moonlight Serenade” by The Glenn Miller Band



Photo Credit: Vincent Vallejo / VP Pictography