Check out our interview with Los Angeles celebrity fashion stylist and real estate agent Kamran Razmdjoo. Kamran can also be seen on small roles on television shows on Bravo and E! Television.

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Caring, Motivated, Driven

What’s your background?

Persian, born and raised in Southern California

When did you start in the business?

In 2015

What book should every entrepreneur read?

How I Built This: The Unexpected Paths to Success from the World’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs

What is the key to your success?

Being patient

What is fun and rewarding about what you do? And what’s not?

Its funs dealing with the clients I work with on a day to day basis and seeing my work published

Now what about your celebrity and fashion stylist work?

Since covid, I have done more personal shopping and it has changed since more and more people and doing more casual looks

Can you name a few of your celebrity clients?

Harsh Kapoor, Travis Mills, Eric Bledsoe, Hami Diallo, Barbie Blank to name a few

Who will be in your bucket list to work with?

I would love to work with Lenny Kravitz

What is the process when you need to work with a new client?

Usually try to get a sense of there style or what they want to work on or expand there vision too

What do you think is the secret to have a successful business/brand like yours?

Trying to differentiate between you and the business next to you and making sure you are always on the right path with your vision and goals.

What are your Spring/Summer fashion favorites?

I would say lots of silk shirts and light pants

And which accessories do you recommend for the Spring/Summer?

Different types of stacked jewelry

Any particular colors we should be wearing this year?

I think this season we will see lots of pastel colors again and beiges

Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

My favorite designers at the moment include Mike Amiri, Doni Nahmias, and Hedi Slimane. Also RIP Virgil Abloh

What does fashion mean to you? 

I can describe my life with my fashion sense

How would you explain your fashion style?

Edgy but simple

Tell us about the Real Estate market after COVID. How do you think this affected or will continue to affect the market and if you think is a good time to invest in real estate now?

I think we saw things we would have never expected during COVID, I believe now that things are starting to slow down a bit and rates going back up you’re going to see some corrections but I do see lots of these prices being the norm. Especially in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Any advice to entrepreneurs or real estate agents that want to follow your steps out there?

Don’t be afraid to fail

What is next for Kamran Raz in 2022?

Stay Tuned…