Check out our interview with talented Dancing with the Stars dancer Kameron Couch. Kameron is also known for her role as a “Pro” for Dancing with the Stars Junior in 2018.

Kameron has also danced and modeled for The Otis Fashion Show and The Beverly Hilton. She is trained in all styles of dance such as Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz and Musical.

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Athletic, playful, positive.

When did you start dancing?

I started dancing 4 years ago.

Did you take dancing classes?

Yes, I took some recreational classes for a year before I moved into the competitive side of the dance world.

How’s a typical day in your life?

I’m in school for 7 1/2 hours everyday. I go to a performing arts school so I have a dance class at school everyday and then I leave and go straight to regular dance from 4 to 8, sometimes 9:30.

What part of your job do you find the most challenging?

I think it’s challenging to balance it all. School, homework, dance competitions, jobs, friends.

What do you love most about dancing?

I love people watching me. The bigger the audience, the more I want to perform.

What type of dance do you like best?

Ballet and contemporary are my favorites.

Tell us about your work in popular show “Dancing with the Stars,” and “Dancing with the Stars Junior?”

I was a pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars, Juniors. I was paired with celebrity Hudson West and my mentor was Hayley Erbert. It was definitely the most exciting job I’ve ever had in my life. Being a pro on the juniors show led me to more opportunities to dance on the adult show which was filmed live and I absolutely love dancing on live television!

Can you share something funny that’s happened to you while filming?

Hudson and Hayley are so much fun. We had a lot of bloopers happening behind the scenes.

What has been the best thing that has happened to you since being on the show?

I think the best thing that has happened to me from being on the show is definitely the friendships that I made and still have today.

What do you think about before you perform?

I quickly go over my corrections in my head and then I just think about living my best life. I feel like each time I dance, it’s a little different.

How do you recover from all the dancing and rehearsals?

I have a great trainer who rolls out my body and makes sure I’m stretching properly and taking enough time off in between.

What tips can you give to girls who want to get into dancing?

The best advice I can give is to just go for it. You can really start at any age and be successful. And never, ever compare yourself to anyone else.

What other projects you have been part of?

I just danced in a Kesha music video for her new album and I also danced on an episode of Fresh Off The Boat that will air soon.

What is you favorite song? Why?

My favorite song is shallow because i could literally watch that movie over and over again.

Who is your role model?

Hayley Erbert, for sure.

Name one your strengths?

My greatest strength is believing in myself and not giving thought to what other people think.

What is your own definition of happiness?

My family is my happiness.

Which project is still on your bucket list?

I’d love to dance for Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift.

What’s next for Kameron Couch in 2019/2020?

I actually have a great project in the works that will be very exciting to share with everyone.

Something people don’t know about you?

That i have an identical twin sister who is one minute older than me.

What would be the dream holiday, and who would you go with?

I keep saying I want to go to Bora Bora with my sisters and stay in one of those huts on the water.

What is your favorite healthy food?


And your favorite cheat food?

Plain chocolate Hershey bar.

Idea of a perfect Sunday?

Pool day and my house with Jordan Fisher.

What do you like to watch on Tv?

Dancing With The Stars.

Do you support any charities?

Yes! I’m volunteering this weekend for Project Hollywood Helpers and next week we are hosting a toy drive to support the Toys for Tots organization.

What do you think of Social Media?

I could live without it.

Where we can follow you?

On Twitter and Instagram @princesskami23

Quote: Strive for progress, not perfection

Drink: strawberry lemonade

Travel Destination: Hawaii or Bora Bora

Music: Pop – anything upbeat and positive!



Photo credit:

Cover photo – Christie Couch
Action Photo – Lee Gumbs