Check out our interview with the Managing Director of the exclusive business club “Elite Club World” Marina von Lison who tell us what role the club plays in the life of society and why live meetings with people of same circle are important in our time.

“Elite Club World is an international consortium of eminent personalities (celebrities, VIPs, philanthropists, famous artists, business tycoons and just anyone who has a good heart and a willingness to help other people), a pact that follows a clear charitable mission. The goal of Elite Club World is to bring together kind-hearted and ambitious people from different backgrounds and cultural backgrounds in order to mutually benefit from their / our ideas, opportunities and experiences. ”- Marina von Lison.

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Nowadays, closed business clubs are a necessary element of the functioning of the business elite. What is the history of Elite Club World? How did you understand that this is exactly the request of high society that needs to be addressed in the format of a new business club?

The history of Elite Club World as a prestigious business community under the high patronage of the Sacred Order of St. Stanislaus dates back to 2010. Then my father-in-law, Chevalier Thaddeus Baron von Lison, who is the Prior of Germany in the Order of St. Stanislaus, developed the concept of a club of outstanding personalities.
If we turn to history, the Order of St. Stanislaus was founded on May 8, 1765 by the Polish king Stanislav II August Poniatowski, so that his adherents had the opportunity to express special loyalty to the Monarch and the state, as well as to do charity work. In total, the Order consisted of no more than 100 people. At the same time, each participant had to prove his noble origin. The idea of ​​our club is to support these values. I am very proud that my father-in-law and husband belong to a medieval noble family with a rich past – this obliges me to follow the rules of chivalry, be successful and live with dignity.
Thus, the concept of our business society is a global association of people with chivalrous behavior who are ready to see the social problems of our time and disinterestedly contribute to their solution. Elite Club World includes celebrities, VIPs, philanthropists, famous artists, business tycoons and just everyone who has a good heart and who is ready to help other people.

Such a community is, first of all, international cooperation, which involves the participation of members from different countries. How active is the club’s work in this direction?

Indeed, Elite Club World is a community with members from all over the world. After all, big business involves holding business meetings in different cities and countries, with partners of various nationalities and religions.

Summing up, 2020 was very successful in this regard, both in terms of new members of the business community and in terms of initiation into the status of Dame and Knights of the Order of St. Stanislaus. By the way, this is a very spectacular action – the ceremony itself takes place in one of the churches on the Cote d’Azur (last year it was Eglise du Sacré-Coeur de Beaulieu), and a charity gala dinner has been traditionally held at Cafe de Paris Monte-Carlo for 10 years … Elite Club World members are the elite from all over the world who are happy to meet in Monaco.

Our guests and new members came from Miami, Russia, various countries of the European Union and even from the Middle East. We cannot be happier than when we see that more and more people of different backgrounds and nationalities want to join us. That they, like us, are committed to humanitarian, social, medical and cultural goals at an international level.

Thus, Elite Club World automatically acquired international status literally overnight, since our concept does not imply attachment to one place, but regular business meetings, events, receptions, charity events, etc. in the most prestigious locations around the world.

Running such a club is a multitude of responsibilities. How does your day usually go as Managing Director of Elite Club World?

Elite Club World is owned by the von Lison family, so my husband and I do not have a strict separation of duties. We love what we do and are happy to devote our lives to bringing together kind-hearted and motivated people from different backgrounds and cultures to mutually benefit from ideas and experiences. We take it upon ourselves to showcase and provide real opportunities for collaboration and partnership with some of the world’s most successful business people, as well as dignitaries, artists, writers, diplomats and industry leaders.

One of the most important things is a lasting relationship between participants, based on trust. This you can only achieve if you keep in touch with the existing and future members and partners of our elite club.

To be honest, we do not have weekends and holidays, because most of the time we work 24/7 – this allows us to be available for all requests of current and potential participants. Therefore, I also do not have a standard daily routine.

Today, for example, my morning began with introductory phone calls with potential attendees and members. And two hours later, I worked with a team of editors on the annual issue of our Elite Club Magazine, of which I am the editor-in-chief. After that, she performed a number of administrative tasks. Of course, we have a team that provides great support in terms of office work, but the final decisions remain with my husband and me.

One of the manifestations of the functioning of the Order of St. Stanislaus since its foundation in 1765 has been charity. In what format does the club help those in need?

Charity and the ability to treat the problems of others with honor and dignity are conditions for membership in Elite Club World. The club exists under the patronage of the Grand Priory of Germany, which, in turn, supports humanitarian institutions and organizations. Also, the business club helps in supporting and promoting cultural, artistic and other events worthy of the Order’s recognition.

For example, we support the ParaMusix charity program. It includes various musical projects that help color the daily life of people with disabilities and serious illnesses.

The club also organizes charity gala dinners with a large entertainment program and guest stars. As part of these dinners, we are raising funds to donate them to the Natureheart Foundation, which provides assistance to orphans and sick children in Germany, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.