Check out our interview with Elite Model Raffaele Capuano, aka “South RC”, has been known for his gorgeous looks, but now has dived right into the hip hop industry with the release of his latest single “Camera 301”. This single, written in his hometown of Naples, Italy, was created during a lonely time in his life last year.

The beat is dark and the lyrics are melancholy which he describes as “sad vibes during his period of loneliness” as he was quarantined at home alone. 2020 was definitely a time of transition for this rising rapper as he spent a lot of his time in his home studio since his modeling career was at a standstill during the pandemic.

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Can you tell us a little bit about you?

I’m originally from Naples. As soon as I was an adult, I went to live in Milan and other places in Europe like London and Paris. I lived and moved around a bit like a nomad. My biggest passion is music. I’ve been listening to rap music since I was 11 years old because it gives me psychological power. That’s how I use music and I love it. My favorite sport is football, or soccer as it’s called in America. It’s a very popular sport in Europe, I think it’s the most watched. Where I’m from in Naples, you grow up with football in your veins. Our team is one of the few ways we bring good publicity to Naples from around the world. I feel like they always use Naples for bad press, but the soccer team is a good thing because it brings good publicity to the city.

Describe yourself in three words.

Ambitious, focused, and spontaneous.

How did you get started in modeling?

I never thought about modeling, but I was on vacation in Capri and the famous designer Francesco Scognamiglio scouted me in the Main Square while I was walking. He stopped me in the streets and he told me “How old are you?” I told him I was 16, and he said “You’re not even an adult, can you give me your parent’s phone number so I can call them. I could turn you into a model.” I was still in school and actually had one more year to go. I gave him my mom’s number. She called him and told us to meet him in Milan. After meeting with him, I signed to D’management Group modeling agency. I was with them for two years then went on to sign with Elite Model Management.

How did modeling change your life?

I think it changed my life because it all happened quite early on in life. I was only 16 turning 17 when I started modeling. I was so focused on modeling that I didn’t even finish school. I closed off a lot of other opportunities and just focused on improving my modeling profile. Additionally, modeling changed my life because it helped me gain confidence. I battled some insecurities about myself but modeling definitely has changed that for me.

Did it change relationships with family or friends?

It made me more of an independent person. In the beginning, modeling didn’t affect my relationships, but over time it changed. After the first three years I started to notice how people acted around me, became nicer, wanted to hang out with me more.Before, I was just a guy in Naples, then suddenly I was famous. It’s normal in the beginning, the first few years, but now people who used to be mean to me are inviting me out trying to be nice. I think it happens to everyone who becomes famous. It’s just the way things are in life, but I am good at sniffing out people’s intentions. I stay away from fake people, toxic relationships, and people who try to use me. It’s easy to see a mile away. I am naturally a skeptical person, so if you are out of the blue trying so hard to win me over I can sense the reason why.

What’s the best thing about being a model?

I am going to be completely honest. The best thing about modeling is the pay. In the beginning it was not great…at all. After a while, it is amazing. The better you get, the more your brand becomes. In turn the pay increases. I also love the traveling it brings as well. I travel to so many different places I normally cannot afford to go to.

What’s the worst thing about being a model?

To me the worst part is not being able to choose when I can work. It is not a consistent work schedule. Some weeks I am booking gigs back to back then go months without working. It is not steady and gives me anxiety sometimes. As a model, you have to wait to get a gig and hope you are constantly booking projects.

Do you ever get nervous when you’re about to do a photoshoot or go on a runway?

Yes, it happens. It depends on the energy that’s around me, you know? Before a big show, I am super nervous but it goes away when I get on that catwalk. My mind becomes sharp and I just start walking and think about nothing else.

What’s the most important thing when you’re in a photoshoot?

Having good energy with the photographer and treating everyone kind.

What advice would you give to new models?

I always say try to be yourself and never lose yourself. Don’t make the world try to change who you truly are. This means do not try drastic measures to change yourself physically because it is not worth it at all. Your health and mental health comes first.

Can you tell us your experience at Paris Fashion Week and Italy Fashion Week?

I’ve done both fashion weeks five years in a row. My first one was in Milan. It was nice but I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I just jumped right into the swing of things. It was my first week in Milan and I had never been to Milan before. I booked this show where I didn’t know what was going on. As I was waiting to go on the catwalk, they suddenly placed a bird on my shoulders and told me to go walk with it. I am scared of birds, but I didn’t want them to know this. So, I agreed and walked with this bird on me. In my mind I was screaming, but I walked as calmly as possible. It was a cool but scary experience.

In Paris, my first year wasn’t good. I went to castings, but didn’t book any shows. I stillI went back to Paris two more times before I started to book shows. They weren’t big shows but they gave me so much experience that I loved it. It sparked my love for modeling by doing those first shows in Paris.

Tell us about who influenced you to start making music and why did you choose to go into this music career?

Many artists influenced me, like Lil Wayne. I went into music initially by not wanting to make a career out of it. I did it as a form of therapy and it made me feel good. My mom advised me to make a career out of it since I love creating music so much. From there, I took it more as a business than a hobby. Writing lyrics and being in the studio takes stress away for me. I love doing it and hope it really turns into something.

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Melodic, upbeat, and trapy.

Do you get nervous performing?

Yeah, I sometimes get nervous in the studio if there are too many people. Then I think to myself, why be nervous if this is something I am really trying to pursue as a career. I take myself out of my comfort zone and just go full force with it.

Can you tell us about your two singles “Business” and “Fresh Zone”?

Before I write a song, I decide the melody and the beat. From there the lyrics come to me. When I was writing about “Business”, I was thinking about both industries I am involved in. The fashion industry and the hip hop industry. Mega businesses I completely blended together. Fast life, fast cars, and fast money. Both industries are similar in those aspects. The song is also a double metaphor to the “business” of young women romantically involved with older men who are rich and do not give men like me a chance because I am not what they are looking for. The song is about a strange feeling I get when I am rejected by those types of women.

“Fresh Zone” is more of a deeper melodic song that describes my experience with police in my area. It stems from an experience of when I got pulled over by the police. At a point in my life, the police were constantly harassing my friends and I for no reason. The song airs out my frustration towards that.

Can you share some tips on how you keep your Instagram account interesting?

It is always good to post things that really reflect on who you are. You have to be authentic but do not over share. We do not need to see every little thing you do. It is also good to interact with your followers so people can see you are a human being. There is no need to fake anything because people appreciate the real you.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of modeling is meeting new and different people every day. I love the networking it brings and the new ideas I learn from others.

How did you learn from your biggest failures?

I learned that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Every failure is a lesson to me. What I have earned from my failures is that you don’t need to look at them as failures, but experiences. I see them as a life lesson and I move on. By looking at it that way, it doesn’t affect me so much. To me, failures are a good thing because without them, you can’t learn and grow.

How would your best friends describe you?

Everyone always describes me as crazy, because when I was younger I was very energetic. Now that I am older, I’ve calmed down a bit. However, I still have the reputation of being the wild one of my group. Most times I am in a good mood and always want to do something. So I am definitely that friend down to do adventures with you.

What are your goals for 2021? What’s next for you?

My biggest goal this year is to release my first EP. All the songs I have released so far will be featured in the EP, but I am planning on releasing the EP in September.

What’s your favorite healthy food?

My favorite healthy food is probably salad with steak.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

My problem is that I eat cheat meals every other day. My favorite cheat meal is a juicy hamburger.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I would say confident and sporty.

What’s your own definition of happiness?

First of all, I think happiness is subjective and a choice. Happiness to me is always looking at the positive parts of life and removing the negative thoughts from your mind. When you live a life of optimism, you develop internal happiness. I am rarely pessimistic and surrounding myself with positive people helps as well. So you can choose to be happy by doing this or choose to live in a life of sadness. That’s how I see it.

What is a dealbreaker for you on a first date?

Nail biting, bad hygiene, and someone who talks too much about themselves.

What have been the best and worst pick up lines you have received so far in your Instagram DMs?

The worst thing a girl did to get my attention in my DMs was lie that someone popped my car tires when in fact it was her that did it. She recognized my car from an IG post, sent me a picture of my car with the tires popped saying “Listen, I know this is your car. Someone popped your tires. Please meet me to see it.” She and I met and bonded over it but like three years later she admitted to me that she was the one who popped them to get my attention. It was crazy. The best way to get my attention in my DMs is just simply to be nice and normal.

Who is your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush is Angelina Jolie. She’s my favorite actress.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

There are many, but the best advice was “nothing comes from nothing.” If you’re waiting or hoping for something to happen, it’s never going to happen. You have to go out and physically make it happen. My teacher always told me this in school. To this day, I keep this in the back of my mind.

Do you support any charities? If so, which ones?

I participate in a lot of charities centered around kids and helping kids. My sister has many charities helping sick kids in hospitals. I volunteer and donate to her charities. I also like to be involved in charities giving supplies to kids in Haiti, Indonesia, and some parts of Africa.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I hope to see myself performing in concerts and touring around the world. I also feel that in five years I won’t be living in Italy anymore. I don’t know where yet, but I definitely want to get out of Italy for a while. .

What’s your favorite song right now and why?

My favorite song right now is “Nobody’s Special” from Future and Hotboii.

What do you think of social media in general?

I think social media is a great marketing tool, but you cannot become obsessed with it. It can give you a lot of opportunities, allows you to meet so many different people around the world but you have to pace yourself and not be online all the time. It has helped me grow my brand and business but it can quickly become toxic if you let it. I try to stay away from the comments and the comparison of other people’s lives. Many people fake their lifestyles on social media, so why should I allow myself to be depressed because my life isn’t like someone else’s. I give myself breaks from it as well so it doesn’t consume me. That to me is important to do.

What’s your favorite movie?


What’s your favorite TV series?


What’s your favorite food?


What’s your favorite travel destination?


What’s your favorite sports team?

Napoli soccer team

Where can we find you on social media:

Instagram: @south.rc

Twitter: @SouthRC1