Playful sophistication, combined with blazing colors, daring and unforgiving imagery, and shameless honesty, is the heart of the Fawni brand. Born in Vienna, Austria into a family of artists, Stefanie Jamaica Pschill, a.k.a. Fawni, at a young age received recognition for her unique interpretation of her environment, refusing to abide by the mundane limits of the structured society that she believed everyone was imprisoned by. As a teenager, Stefanie resided in many metropolitan cities throughout Europe and Asia, where she got inspired by the variety of cultures and developed an uninhibited passion to create “truthful art.” After an invitation to showcase her paintings in a renowned Santa Monica, California gallery, Stefanie fell in love with the sunshine, and the city stole her heart… for now. 🙂 As an artist, Fawni has painted nearly 100 paintings, shaped not only by her own experiences living and traveling throughout the world, but also by her unique perception of the society in which we all live. As a singer, Fawni has over half a dozen albums to her name, with numerous #1 singles and top 10 hits in Japan and the U.K. Now, with an affinity for fashion design, she has applied her art directly to garments and accessories, with eye-catching styles and bright, vivid designs. Stefanie currently lives and works in , but can be found forever traveling the globe. With a starring role in the Bravo television series “Euros of Hollywood,” Stefanie is delighted to have the opportunity to enlighten the world through artistic expression.


Hi Fawni thank you for having the time to chat with us.

Tell us a little about yourself?


I am an Austrian princess living The American Dream!

How’s a typical day in your life?

The motto of a day in Fawni’s previous life was: Party! Party! More Party! Nowadays you can simply replace the party with “Baby” aka the love of my life!


So you are a Singer, Fashion Designer, Reality TV actress, Painting, Artist, wow, when do you have time for yourself?

I don’t! Lol!. But you see all of these facets are part of who I am, I do not consider this work.


What do you enjoy the most?

Painting, singing, designing are all ways I express myself! I must do it! It is not possible for me to answer this question it’s as though I were to ask you what do you prefer to inhale or to exhale?

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In 5 years, I would love to be painting much larger scale art as well as doing performance art shows where I sing and paint simultaneously!


How did you get involved in the TV show “Euros of Hollywood”

I was asked by the producers who saw a CNN article on me about “Euros and euro music invading America” I was the only one who didn’t have to audition! 🙂

Do you get along with your cast members?

No, they’re all idiots except for Massimo! No just kidding some I get on with others not.

Before coming to Los Angeles where did you live before?

I lived in Vienna most my life, then in London and now LA, but I travel a lot! I can’t sit still. The globe is my home. There were times, I believe, I spent most of my time at the airport more than anywhere else!

Who were your favorite celebrities when you were a kid?


Who would you like to go on tour with?


Who is your celebrity crush?


Favorite designer?

Prince jk, I like Helmut Lang a fellow Austrian


Where people can find your Paintings?

I’m having an Art Exhibit at Mouche Gallery Beverly Hills in this coming year – Spring 2015

Check out my art at Fawni.com/art! Art is a great investment and everyone should have a Fawni at home! 😉 xoxo

Any future plans you want to share with us?

Check out my single Lick It and Chasing Cars on my website Fawni.com!! And my video “Serious” on YouTube


Where we can follow you?

Twitter: Fawni

Instagram: sofawni

Music: Fawni.com/music and iTunes

Art: fawni.com/art

City: Beijing

Drink: Boudoir sparkling water

Car: Aston Martin

Sport: Football (soccer in usa)