Check our interview with gorgeous Colombian model Nataly Correa.

At age 12 she began her career as a youth model in one of the best agencies in Medellin, Colombia. With great success as a model and representing some of the most important firms in the country, at age 15, thanks to her recognition, she was chosen for the cover of SOHO magazine, one of the most prestigious magazines in Colombia. The cover caused a big controversy, since never before a minor model had been photographed for that magazine. This controversy got to the point that the president of the country at that time had to take part.

Later, Nataly was hired by some of the best national magazines like DON JUAN, SHOCK, SOHO, EN FORMA. The beautiful model had international and national proposals in television shows and major events such as FTV, fashion Colombia, Mercedes-Benz Playa del Carmen, and Peninsula Fashion.

After that, new proposals emerged for her to work as an actress, and she moved to Spain to do a theater course with the great maestro Juan Carlos Coraza.

Later on, the Colombian model decided to take a break from her career to become a mom. After having 2 beautiful kids, Nataly is back in the game, and she came back strong! In the month of June, she is the cover of L’Officiel magazine!

She’s the perfect example of a powerful hardworking woman who doesn’t let anything stop her.

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What made you become a model?

Since I was a little girl I loved it and it was always a dream to me.

How did you feel when you did your first photo shoot?

I felt very confident with it because is what I had wanted to do for a very long time.

What did your parents think about you becoming a model?

They totally supported me.

You are the cover of the prestigious magazine L’OFFICIEL June-July. What does it mean for your career?

It means a great opportunity in my career as a model and it is the beginning of great opportunities. It is very prestigious to be the image of L’OFFICIEL among other covers that I will show soon.

If you were not a model, what would you be?

A financier.

What exercise do you do to be in such good shape?

Run and jump rope on an empty stomach, then train for 40 min.

What are your weaknesses in food?


Photo Credit: Olga Natalia Alcaraz @olganataliaphotography