Check our interview with stunning model Dahian Munoz!!

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How did you start modeling?

From an early age, he participates in modeling events.

Something funny that happened during a casting?

I had to go to some templates to see me a little higher.

Who is your greatest beauty inspiration?

Definitely Gal Gadot.

What are your goals as a model?

Inspire other women to fight for their dreams, to be an example to follow and above all to exalt the inner beauty.

How did you stay in shape?

Exercising together with a good diet.

How do you feel about the size 0 controversy in the industry?

It is something exclusive, I think curvy models are the clear example that all types of women can be in the industry.

What is your advice for the newer models?

Let them try, persist that if they propose it they can achieve it…

What are the guilty pleasures of food?

Bread, rice, and sweets.

Photo Credit: Fabian Medina

Agency: @lmcmodels