Check our interview with gorgeous internationally published model, beauty pageant competitor and entrepreneur Krystal von Seyfried.

Tell us about Krystal Von Seyfried.

I am an internationally published model, Instagram influencer and entrepreneur, born and raised in Los Angeles to a Filipino mother and a German father. I hold a business degree from Babson College, the highest ranked institution for entrepreneurship education and was named one of the top ten most beautiful Filipino-American women of 2015. I have a lot of varied interests and hobbies, but my truest passion lies in the fight for women empowerment across our country.

What prompted you to be a lifestyle influencer?

Nothing really prompted me! I kind of fell into it. It started with a beauty pageant when I was in college and that ended up leading me into pursuing modeling, which led me to being a lifestyle influencer. I just kept posting content on my social media to my friends and started gaining fans and others who were following me, interested in what I was doing. I was really surprised to see how much “influence” I really did have – people throw that term around a lot but seeing how my Instagram content was actually enlightening people and bringing joy to their days was truly awe inspiring.

What are your thoughts about fashion and beauty being the biggest industries today?

Fashion and beauty being the biggest industries of today’s day and age makes complete, logical sense to me. Some would say these things are vapid and horrible, but I believe that those people don’t understand simple human biology and our intrinsic love for art and beauty. Today’s women wanting to look beautiful with clothing and makeup is nothing more than a highly evolved, modernized courtship display, akin to a peacock’s lavish courtship display to the peahen he wants to attract. So to me, fashion and beauty being the biggest industries of today is just an obvious, obvious fact.

What are your fashion staples?

My fashion staples are super simple – my favorite pair of Hudson jeans, Birkenstocks, and a simple white T-shirt. For accessories – crystal heart earrings handmade by my deceased aunt, a jet black necklace and my prayer beads. I love dressing up in fun stuff for shoots and going out, but in my actual daily life, that’s what you’re probably going to catch me in!

What fashion brands appeal to you the most and why?

The fashion brands that appeal to me most are Versace, Balmain, and Moschino. I love all these brands because they are super edgy with their designs, but Versace holds a special place in my heart because of their Medusa logo. The story behind it touches my heart (the design is from old ruins the Versace siblings played in as children) but also because I am a huge geek about Greek mythology.

Can you share your beauty regimen with your audience?

I wash my face day and night with low pH gel cleanser – super important as the higher pH stuff really dehydrates and messes with the acid mantle on our skin, causing breakouts. If there’s one thing I implore anyone to change with their skincare regime, it’s to using a low pH cleanser. Along with that, I use a calming toner for my extremely sensitive skin and a deeply hydrating moisturizer. I also use sheet masks quite frequently and the night before a shoot I do a mask with raw honey and essential oils, mixed and matched for whatever concerns I have with my skin at the time. And of course – sunblock sunblock sunblock!

What sets you apart from all the Hollywood It Girls?

What sets me apart from the other Hollywood It girls is simple – my heart. I work heavily with impoverished women addicted to hard drugs in rural Georgia not for social media clout, but because it is my passion to help these women who literally have nowhere else to turn to.

What can we find in your purse?

In my purse, you’re going to find – a powerbank, lip balm, setting powder, crystals and assorted random receipts that I’ve forgotten to throw away.

A bit spartan, but that’s how I like it. I used to keep a purse with so many different items but having so many possessions seems to complicates things instead of making them easier. Cutting down to the basics has helped a lot. I actually don’t even carry around my purse most of the time – I keep my cards and cash in a phone wallet and that’s really all I need most of the time.

Favorite book and why?

Choosing a favorite book for me is like asking a proud mother of eight to choose her favorite child! So I’ll just talk about a book I’m currently reading… Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past by the brilliant Erich von Däniken. The book posits a very convincing hypothesis that the world’s ancient civilizations received advanced technologies and knowledge from ancient space travelers. Seeing the myriad of links between the artifacts and histories across our planet is mind blowing, and I definitely recommend this book to anyone with a passion for history and a hunger for knowledge.

Favorite quote and why?

I have a lot of favorite quotes, but I’ll end this with my absolute favorite quote from one of my favorite actresses – Audrey Hepburn. “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” This is a quote I live by, and one I hope many others live by as well. Thank you!

Krystal Von Seyfried
Publicist: @nowprla