the fixx complete serum technology incorporates the most advanced technologies available; biomimetic peptides, phyto and marine cells, and advanced delivery systems – all with proven clinical efficacy data. We carefully selected each of the ingredients and complexes for their unique contributions to work in harmony and to achieve possible synergistic effects to provide a comprehensive skin enhancement system for you.

the fixx complete serum is a combination of technologies that work together to help your skin look its absolute best. A liquid crystal system, which is structurally similar to the skin provides ultimate hydration and moisturization as it helps the active ingredients to reach their destinations within the skin’s layers.

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Hi Jay, thanks for the interview!

Why did you want to work with skincare products?

I have always been very interested in skincare. Our skin is our first and most important line of defense against environmental stressors. It’s health is indicative of one’s overall health. Clear, well-toned skin is beautiful, and I believe that makes us attractive. I want to be able to help others feel good about the way their skin looks; to be able to help others feel good about the way they present themselves to the world.

Tell us about your Effect Skin Systems company and your very popular the fixx Complete Serum product?

effect skin systems is committed to science, safety, and efficacy. We utilize ingredients that have significant clinical efficacy, have proven safety profiles, and are the most advanced in terms of technology. I formulate with purpose and maximize synergistic benefits because many ingredients provide more that one function, so when the formula is analyzed as a system, there is specific functionality for each material and its effect on other parts of the system. The end result is the product’s components work in unison to contribute to the overall intended benefits and effect on the users’ skin profile.

The fixx complete serum contains phyto-glucogen, an amazing natural humectant, peony, algae, orchid, and Bulgarian rose, and our proprietary QIV Peptide Complex all wrapped in liquid crystal and lamellar system, which is structurally like the skin and provides ultimate hydration and moisturization as it helps the active ingredients to reach their destinations in the skin layers. The formula is oil-free and is non comedogenic. We know the skincare and beauty space is crowded, so we do not market our products in the typical fashion because we understand that there are many variables which influence people to purchase a specific brand or product and we are confident that our users rely on the benefits of our products solely, and not for glamorous and expensive packaging and marketing campaigns. This philosophy allows us to invest our product development budget in our active ingredients and science to keep our products affordable to a wider socioeconomic demographic.

Why the name the fixx?

The product name is simple, direct and follows our philosophy.

When and why did you decided to create this?

I wanted to use basically one product to function as an anti-aging system. I began formulating this product in 2016 and have made many changes over the years to arrive at its final formulation. I developed this product for myself, so I was not constrained by corporate budgets, and was able to use exactly what I wanted to use and at active levels that I knew would provide the best effect. I was able to incorporate technologies such as delivery systems which transport the active ingredients to the levels of the skin where they are the most effective. Any large corporation would not touch this product due to its formula cost unless they wrap it up in expensive packaging and charge over $200 per ounce.

What is different from other products in the market?

Well, I can tell you the people who use this product know that it works on the issues for which they purchase the products, anti-aging or well aging and moisturization, and the benefits outweigh the costs. Look, there are a lot of good brands and products in this crowded space. We are offering an excellent product at no risk because we are confident that the product is well received.

What’s next for Effect Skin Systems?

We are working on a few new products and technologies and when we get them to where they need to be, they will be released.

What other products does Effect Skin Systems have?

The flagship product is the fixx complete serum and we are currently working a few new products and will release them when we they are ready.

What new products will we see be launched by Effect Skin Systems in 2022?

We have some great new technologies that will provide the skincare enthusiast with a complete, simple regimen to help their skin look its best.

Can you share some skincare tips for our readers?

Sure. Premature aging, for most part, is due to lack of moisture, inflammation, and environment damage from radical oxidative species (ROS). Drink lots of water, use a good moisturizer that provides adequate hydration for the skin, wear sunscreen, eat well, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and use products that provide antioxidative benefits. I am not an Esthetician, but you can always contact me through our website, and I will do my best to get you the information that you want.

Tell us about a great morning or night ritual or routine?

Gentle cleansing, light exfoliation, and the fixx complete serum, morning, and evening.

What is the feeling to have a very successful company in a very competitive market?

I love what I do and that is a success. I want to develop products that help people feel good about the way the present themselves, skin health, to the world. Success for me is passion and a quest for knowledge.

What are the challenges you face in the market?

Constant change and the ability to provide consumers with the benefits they seek.

What would say are the greatest lessons you learned so far in this business?

Be passionate, truthful, and proceed with caution. Oh, and remembering that if I follow that, I should feel good about what I am doing.

What is the key to your success?

Passion, resourcefulness, ability to listen, be open to constructive criticism, and question myself.

Where can we follow you?

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