Inspired by the meaning of Louella as “beautiful warrior” the founder, Joanne had a vision to introduce the trendy fine jewelry line expressing the natural beauty of the modern woman.

Maison Louella’s designs and products feature artisan craftsmanship mixed with selected collection of pearls, precious stones, gemstones, and precious metals. Maison Louella creates a variety of unique and contemperary pieces and caters to the woman’s taste for modern elegance with high quality.

Maison Louella is based in Newport Beach, California, USA and currently there are 2 private showrooms in West Hollywood, California and Seoul, Korea.

Tell us about Maison Louella?

Maison Louella is designed to be an ultimate fashion house for modern women who love fashion. Founder, Joanne was inspired by the meaning of Louella as beautiful warrior and had launched the jewelry line in 2004. Maison Louella’s vision is influencing and empowering women to pursuit their inner and outer beauty and self-respect and self-confidence. Maison Louella create jewelry pieces to be loved and cherished and complete the unique and stunning look for special occasions.

Who is the designer behind Maison Louella?

Founder Joanne is the creative director and jewelry designer. She first started crafting jewelry at her house as her hobby and found her passion to start her own jewelry business. Joanne’s adventurous journey had started from LA to Seoul, Hong Kong and Paris to look for craftsmanship to create one of kind jewelry. Currently Maison Louella collaborate with 3 different jewelry ateliers for silver, trendy fine and high jewelry lines. Each pieces are made to order and hand-crafted.

What inspired your fine diamond collection?

Paris had inspired me so much to start Maison Louella and also launch fine diamond collection for the first couture show of Paris Fashion Week in 2018. I love the culture and fashion, everything in Paris. I love creating couture looks especially for the red carpet event with her diamond collection.  I think wearing one of kind jewelry shows your identity and beauty as women.

Which one out of your collection is your favorite and why?

I love my black diamond collection. I think it’s unique and trendy also practical way to enjoy fine jewelry pieces. Black diamond has its own identity which shows strength and mysterious beauty of women.

Has jewelry design always been a passion? When did you know?

Yes I love jewelry since I was a little girl. Looking at sparkly little things makes me happy and creating them with love makes me even happier. I also love the idea that making jewelry can create value. You can transform precious stones and metal into valuable jewelry pieces which can be worth as a commercial building.

Which public figure would you like to meet and why?

I’d love to meet couture designers and entrepreneurs especially Georgina Chapman of Marchesa and Monique Lhuillier. Their success story and designs always inspire me to dream about opening our ultimate fashion house. Also I’ve love to meet Oliver Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain because I’m so in love with Balmain.

What is the theme of your next collection and what inspired it?

Our previous collection was more like the elegant and classy timeless pieces which can match with couture gowns.

For our next collection would be more like trendy and modern pieces which can create professional yet sexy boss lady’s look.

I’m always inspired by successful and independent women.

What is your favorite stone and why?

I love diamonds because diamond doesn’t lose the value and doesn’t stop shining in any circumstances. It’s a symbol of endurance, strength and everlasting value and beauty. I think all the women desire to be strong and beautiful like diamonds as the hardest and the most precious stone in the world.

How would you describe the aesthetics of your brand?

Unique and trendy luxury.

What advice would you give to emerging jewelry designers?

I think first they should love what they create. Showing their brand identity and targeting the right market  is important because there are so many similar emerging jewelry designers these days. Unique designs and branding is a key. Finding a right marketplace or trade shows where they get to show their pieces and meet buyers is important. Customer relationship management is also a core value for fine jewelry line.

Where do you see the brand five years from now?

Our goal is becoming a global jewelry brand and creating culture of self development and respect for women.

Which celebrity would you like to dress and why?

I recently watched “Crazy Rich Asians” movie and I’d love to dress Gemma Chen. She always looks so gorgeous in precious diamond pieces.

What’s next for Maison Louella?

We started as jewelry house but we plan to launch our clothing line so our clients can complete their looks from head to toe. When you don’t know what to wear you go to Maison Louella! That’s my goal.

Where can we find Maison Louella?

You can find our trendy pieces through our website and authorized retailers and we sell our high jewelry pieces by appointment only. We also operate a private showroom and meet  our clients one to one for their privacy.