Kamoni is solely conceived and designed by CEO and founder, Justine Angela Kamoni Hammond.

Her uniquely daring designs were inspired in her youth by the clothing of one of her favorite heroins. This lead her to take sewing classes as a child, to experiment with her own clothing style as a teen and to pursue her dreams as a fashionista. Majoring in Fashion Design from Chaffey College, Justine launched Kamoni shortly after.

Kamoni has slayed at major award shows, red carpet premieres, sound stages, been featured in major magazine publications and seen by millions on national television.

Who is Justine Hammond?

Justine Angela Miashia Kamoni Hammond (3 middle names lol) is a Bealizian and Africa American woman born April 27,1991 in San Bernardino, California. And is the oldest out of 14 siblings but raised by her mother and both of her grandmothers. Justine has had an obession with fashion since she was 6 years old. After years of sketching, sewing and having her first paying clients in high school she made it an official business at the age of 23.

Tell us about your brand Kamoni?

Kamoni started October 2015 and is made for strong, bold and confident women who want to be the center of attention by putting minimal energy. Women want to be admired in Kamoni and men want to see women wear Kamoni.

What inspired you to start the brand?

Justine knows how to find a balance between sexiness and sophistication. In every collection Justine has a signature of her beautiful lace detailing and each collection. She wants to tell a story of what she is going through in life during that time the collection is made. She wants her supporters to get to know her through each piece of clothing.

How would describe your current collection?

The next upcoming collection Justine is stepping out if her comfort zone, just like in her personal life. Not many know that Justine has always deeply admired the baroque fashion and renaissance art. In the next collection she shows her appreciation towards that time in fashion.

What is your personal style like?

Justine’s personal style is girly glamour with a touch of edge

Where do you see your brand in a couple of years?

I see Kamoni starting to blossom and more people will recognize a Kamoni piece. And Justine will start to become to be a recognized respected luxury designer who will be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

What is something that you would love to do that you haven’t done yet and why?

I would love to travel, particularly Bora Bora, Tokyo, Dubai and so much more. I never traveled much. I’ve been to Las Vegas for birthdays and shows, then Washington and Canada to visit family. But not traveling to get to experience different beauties kf the world and culture. It’ll be amazing to step outside of the West Coast.

What will surprise us about Justine?

Justine was bullied extremely from the age of 11 to 14. To the point where she attempted to take her own life. Through out her life she has experienced abuse from family, classmates and lovers but eventually build a backbone of steel and strong woman she is today.

Who is your dream mentor and why?

If they were still alive it would be an absolute honor to be mentored by Zuhair Murad and/or Gianna Versace.

What is next for Kamoni?

Kamoni’s next big step is to step outside of gowns and cocktail dresses.

Where can we find you?

You can find Kamoni on the site kamonicollection.com on Instagram @KamoniCollection and you can find Justine’s Personal Instagram @Just_Kamoni