Check out our interview with mother-daughter duo Karea Larrea and Breana Symone of HBO Max’s new reality dating series My Mom, Your Dad (from the executive producers of Parks & Recreation and Love Island) streaming now!

My Mom, Your Dad follows a group of single parents who have been nominated by their college-age kids for a second chance at love. The parents move into a house together, unaware that their adult children are right down the street living in a second house, watching their every move through hidden cameras and manipulating their encounters.

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Hi Karen and Breana, please tell us a little about you?

We are a mother daughter Latina duo from South Florida (Miami).

Breana: I am currently attending The University of Central Florida, I am majoring in Public Relations and Advertising. I also work as a model and social media influencer and I am currently in acting classes as my goal is to break into that career.

Karen: I have been in the entertainment industry since I was 15 years old, first with the all girl Latin trio Carrousel in my teens and now back in the spotlight as we were cast together on the HBO Max reality dating series “My Mom, Your Dad”. I also am a mother of two and pride myself on being an entrepreneur.

Describe yourselves in 3 words?

Breana: Creative, Compassionate, Strong minded

Karen: Resilient, Positive, Determined

Tell us about your work on HBO Max’s new reality dating series “My Mom, Your Dad?”

Breana: My mom and I star in the HBO Max original series “My Mom, Your Dad.” I nominated my mom Karen to take a second chance at finding love again. I thought I was going with her to help production set her up on dates and give them the inside scoop on her but what we didn’t know is that after my mom and I were separated it was going to be me who was the “Dating Consultant.” I got to watch her every move 14 hours a day, chose who she went on dates with and control and manipulate her dates and love life! I was able to bond with the other kids and got to know their amazing parents as we were able to spy on the other parents as well. It was a really fun time!

Karen: Just as Breana said is exactly the way it went down, lol. The parents had no idea the kids were in control and watching our every move. I took a chance going on but I told myself “Why not?” It really is a great series and I was able to connect with some great people not to mention all the men were amazing.

How did you get selected for the show?

Breana: I actually found the ad on my Instagram feed and showed my mom and she thought it was not legitimate. After discussing it she gave me the okay and I submitted the application which consisted of just our social media handles, pictures of us together and basic information.

Karen: After the initial call back things rolled pretty quickly and were basically told within 3 weeks “Pack your bags, you are part of the main cast, you are flying out on Monday.”

How has your life changed after the TV show?

Breana: I would say for personal growth I am a lot more sociable since being forced to live with 7+ strangers, it opened up my world in a different way.

Karen: We’ve become more busy in terms of interviews, on social media and different opportunities that are being presented to us that otherwise would have not been. Besides the fact that we had a fan find our home address which freaked me out a bit as a mom protecting her children, we still are the same mom and daughter team!

Did you guys have a script on what to do or say?

Breana: It definitely was not scripted but it was more controlled. The topics that we talked about, what we said and what we did was controlled but it was for the whole cast.

Karen: Pretty much what you see on the show is who we are in life. Obviously production controls the situations that occur such as dates and the topics we are discussing but the outcome and connections are purely genuine.

Can you share something funny that happened to you while filming?

Breana: The whole time filming we (the kids) all just were laughing the whole time. The kids’ house was so much fun. There is a lot that happened that it’s so hard to give just one.

Karen: In the parents retreat we had a great time as well but I can say that every time you see the parents dancing we were all dying inside of laughter cause the music that was put on it was some weird out in space, no beat, no rhythm music and we had to pretend that we were shaking it up like we were dancing to some amazing dance music, LOL!

Any advice to other people thinking of sharing their lives on TV?

Breana: Be ready to have everything filmed and I mean everything from sleeping to eating to using the bathroom! Also, be yourself because you are going to watch it forever!

Karen: Just be open minded and be your true authentic self. Be prepared that no matter what fans and viewers they are going to invest in you and feel they know you on a personal level so remember to be kind.

If you were a book, what would be the title of the book and why?

Breana: My title would be “Work in progress” because I am still learning how to go through life.

Karen: My title would be “Watch out, I’m just getting started!” because I feel this second half of my life is now the time I will be focused on me, I have spent the last 21 years solely as a mom and as a wife (before divorcing). I still have my youngest at home but next year he starts high school and I now finally can start to think about what does Karen the woman want? There is so much I will conquer!

What advice would you give to your younger self and why?

Breana: I would tell my younger self to be patient and trust everything that happens to you, it happens for a reason.

Karen: Listen to your gut and don’t go against it, it’s the best compass you have in life, so many mistakes could have not been made if I would have listened to it but I do value the growth it gave me as a person. Also forgive yourself and give yourself a little wiggle room, you don’t have to be perfect.

What’s next for Karen Larrea and Breana Symone in 2022?

Breana: I am working towards finishing my degree and looking forward to being able to dedicate more time into more social media influencing, modeling and acting.

Karen: I am building my brand in “Celebrating Women over 40”, which includes my social media platform, a talk show and podcast. It encourages women to reinvent themselves, take a leap of faith, make your dreams come true no matter what your age, shut down the naysayers cause women over 40 are just starting to live their best life. It will also eventually branch out into branding cosmetics and skin care products specifically for this age group as well.

What is your favorite healthy food? And your favorite cheat food?

Breana: My favorite healthy food would be roasted brussels sprouts with a killer special spicy sauce that I make. I eat fairly healthy in general but I am a sucker for chick-fil-a.

Karen: I love salads full of all types of veggies, seeds and lean protein and for my favorite cheat food would be ANYTHING nutella or hazelnut with chocolate!

What is your own definition of happiness?

Breana: Inner Peace

Karen: My two kids and also being confident and secure in your own skin.

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Breana: JFK because he’s hot!

Karen: Oh my goodness she is so my daughter, lol! Hmm…. it would be Barack & Michelle Obama. He is intellectual, cool and funny at the same time. I feel there are so many subjects to have conversations with him. Michelle, well she is just an amazing powerhouse on every level. I would love to sit with them at a dinner party or a Sunday backyard gathering.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Breana: You can not expect someone to make you happy if you are not happy with yourself.

Karen: Same as Breana’s, who do you think gave her that advice 🙂

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years from now?

Breana: I see myself with the beginning of a successful career in fashion public relations working for a major fashion house.

Karen: My brand will be a major source of inspiration for women over 40 and influencing how the media, advertisers and society view us and know we are major players that still count. The goal is to have the majority of the team running my brand be women of the GEN X generation.

Where can we follow you on social media?

Breana: you can follow me on Instagram @breanasymonee and TikTok @breanasymonee

Karen: My Instagram is KMLM21 and on TikTok its karenlarrea_1


Breana: There are too many but anything to do with mythology
Karen: 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity Transform Your Life by Chris Lee. He is a good friend of mine, we actually met on a plane going to Puerto Rico, sat next to each other and hit it off. He is one of the 3 spiritual/life coaches that I learn from that have helped me heal and transform in my life. It’s a must get book!


Breana: Character, Intelligence and Strength. That makes beauty. – Diane Von Furstenberg
Karen: When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around – The one and only Willy Nelson.


Breana: The First Wives Club
Karen: The Notebook


Breana: Every and all song by Ariana Grande
Karen: Iris by the GooGoo Dolls – It’s been since 1998 and no other song has come close to lyrics, production or arrangement to it.

TV Series:

Breana: There’s so many but currently I am into Desperate Housewives
Karen: This is Us – So sad this is the last season of the BIG 3!

Travel Destination:

Breana: Europe especially Italy
Karen: So many to choose from so I am going to give my top 3 – The Maldives, Greek Islands and Japan

Sports Team:

Breana: All my hometown Miami teams
Karen: Miami teams as well but I will admit I will sit through an LA Rams game cause the coach is a cutie!



Photo credit: Mary Gray