Check out our interview with London based Singer-Songwriter Annissa Murad who just released her debut single “Blue” today!

The title “Blue” within itself paints a picture of the disappointments and let downs we all face on a day-to-day basis. Although it may feel like we are the only ones feeling this way, disappointment is a universal feeling and Annissa’s brand-new single “Blue” is the gen z anthem designed to heal your heartache. As promised within this world of adventure, “Blue” is sure to take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions leading up to the happy ending we all want.

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Hi Annissa, please tell us a little about you?

Hey, thanks so much for having me!! I’m a 14 year old singer-songwriter from London with a dream of making music that inspires people to stop living as an extra in somebody else’s narrative but instead the main character of your very own movie!!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Fun, focused, spicy

Describe your sound in 3 words?

Pop-rock highschool throwback

Who influenced you and why did you choose to make music?

Well I’ve definitely been influenced by a large mixture of all sorts of music so my inspiration comes from a messy ball of all sorts. But if I had to choose the biggest influences it would definitely be Taylor Swift number one because not only do I admire her incredible storytelling skills, mini movie music videos and bright, happy vibe, I also love her hard work ethic and generosity to fans as they are the reason all artists can really carry on creating music. Next I absolutely love Avril Lavigne (especially her first album with songs like sk8er boi) because I love the young, crazy fun atmosphere she is able to create which kinda makes you forget about whatever problem you are facing at that very moment. I also love her attitude and the spin she puts on “pop-punk” music. I really admire Jaden Hossler for the same things, the tracks and energy of all his music just makes you feel so ready to take on the world and I hope to take aspects of all three of these artists and make it my own.

Tell us about your debut single “Blue?”

“Blue” is a song I wrote based on my actual life and it’s about trying so hard to impress someone in a relationship but no matter what you do they just don’t seem to take any notice of you. This feeling sucks and so I decided to write a song about it and call it “Blue” to initially help me get over it and then put it out to the world to help others feeling the same. When I mention relationships it could literally be between anyone and I don’t like to just write my songs about romance and boys, instead I like to make sure its written about something authentic to me and since I don’t really hang around with many boys, alot of my songs will be about friendships and life in general.

What’s the story behind the song?

In this case, I want people reading this to know that “Blue” can be applied to literally any situation they choose and just hope that it is able to pick people up from the feeling of “blue”. For example: at the end of the song I sing the line “Why should I care if I’ve done everything everything I could do, there’s no point…so guess what…I’m not blue” which basically says that if someone cannot appreciate you for simply you, there is no point to carry on trying to impress them as they’re the ones missing out whilst you deserve someone who can actually see how great you are!! I like to think of Blue as an essential to life just how you may have essentials on a road trip, “Blue” is part of your life essentials and anytime you are feeling not enough or ”Blue”, you can turn it on to pick you up and remind you that you deserve someone who actually can realise how great you are and hopefully gives you the power to move on to better things/people. Overall I really hope this helps people stop wasting time feeling “Blue” over pointless people.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Wow, well there are so so many rewarding things about my work like actually creating music, having such cool experiences, meeting amazing people, and spreading my music mission which is why I’m so grateful to be given an opportunity to do what I love. However if I had to pick the most rewarding aspect it would either have to be spreading the energy and message behind the stories to my music and seeing the response of my fans (which I call the AMF: Annissa Murad Friends) or the actual process of creating songs, concepts, business ideas and visuals which I just love, I think it’s so much fun!!

What book should every entrepreneur read?

There are many great books but the one I HAVE to tell all of you guys to read is “the secret”. If you haven’t read this yet you should first finish reading this article, push play on “Blue” and start reading it because if not you are missing out. It literally tells you the secrets of how to manifest whatever you want in your life and just live as the best version of yourself. I think everyone needs to read it and just like “blue” is a song for your life essentials the book “the secret” definitely forms part of those!!

What would say are the greatest lessons you learned so far?

I’m still in the process of learning a lot of lessons but of the ones I have learnt so far, I think the most important to share with you is that nobody lacks the capability to do anything. Most people think the thing holding them back from reaching their dreams is their capability but we as human beings have so much capability that the extent of it is not even able to be fulfilled with the time that we have. In short, what I’m trying to say is that nothing is holding you back from reaching your goals but you, all you need to do is believe you can since all the capability is already within you. It might sound a bit cliche but its totally the key to achieving your goals from what I have experienced so far…

What do you think is the secret to have a successful IG account?

I don’t know if there is any clear cut secret to this, or maybe I just haven’t discovered it yet, but I think the main keys are to post great content (original to others), be consistent with it even if you don’t see results straight away and just try to display as much personality as you can and make your account an amazing place people will want to come back to!! (Also make sure to stay true to yourself and authentic as that’s when people get the best version of you!)

What’s next for Annissa Murad in 2022?

Hmmmmm… well I’d like to say ALOT more music releasing and hopefully Annissa Murad can achieve the goals she has set out to. I really want to put my own spin on pop-punk music just like Avril Lavingne did in the 2000s, create music with the message that it’s “YOUR LIFE, YOUR MOVIE, I just make the soundtrack” building the most amazing group of AMF (Annissa Murad Friends) around the world. …and my dream is to collaborate with Travis Barker as I just love the music he is able to create and think it would totally fuel my vision of the highschool 2000s pop-punk throwback I’m aiming for!!

And your favorite cheat food?

Oooh… well that’s a hard question but it’s anything sugary like sweets. On Friday’s (those are my fave days) I usually like to go out and buy a tonne of random snacks for me and my brother to completely stuff ourselves with whilst having a movie marathon. This would usually be things like sweets, pop-corn, mint choc chip ice cream and more sweets…

(I do try to be healthy on the other days so don’t worry, I’ve got the balanced diet covered…)

How would you explain your fashion style?

There’s no specific style but I like to wear anything that gives me that throwback 2000s vibe with a slight rocky edge. Eg. Bomber jackets, flared jeans, converse, fingerless gloves, mini skirts whilst always making sure I have a pop of colour in each outfit. I’m super inspired by the Olsen twins, Avril Lavigne and Paris Hilton’s 2000s girl aesthetic. #️⃣ Y2K. You can definitely find some examples on my insta!!!

What is your own definition of happiness?

I think happiness is when I am fulfilled knowing that I’m on the road to achieving my goals, working as hard as I can doing what I love and making progress whilst knowing I have an incredible family to support me through it.

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years from now?

I hope to be going on tour performing music I’m proud of that fulfils my vision sharing it with the AMF around the world, have had some incredible collaborations with Travis Barker and would have grown my vision of “its YOUR life, YOUR movie, I just make the soundtrack” motto as I really want to be able to inspire people to live their life as the main character of their own movie, whilst I am the soundtrack through their ups and downs!!

Favorite song? Why?

Anything Taylor Swift or throwback Avril Lavigne, but also I’ve recently been listening to “So what” by P!NK which I just love because it’s a song you can rock out to anytime you need to pick yourself up or feel that you are a rockstar with the ability to take on anything that comes your way… I just love it!!!

Where we can follow you?

On insta you can find me and lots of music, fun reels and city life:


Spotify / YouTube


Book: The secret or city of girls

Quote: “The person who says they can and the person who says they can’t, are both usually right”

Movie: Bad moms, wild child, good boys

Tv Series: Modern Family

Favorite Food: Veggie Volcano Pizza (from dominos)

Travel Destination: Sardinia

Sports Team: Arsenal