Check out our interview with Model & Influencer Galina Antonova.

Galina is a Russian actress, model, fashionista, angel investor, fashion editor and the creator of Brains and Beauty Podcast! Living in Los Angeles and having accumulated over 177,000 Instagram followers, as a model and influencer she has worked with big-name brands including Revolve and attended the front row at all major fashion weeks around the world.

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How did you get into the career you are in today?

I actually got into it by accident, when I first moved to Los Angeles I started to pursue a career in acting and part of that career was having to create a strong social media presence so I started to build my audience and connect with my followers and I am glad I did because I love being able to create an authentic connection with people from all over the world thanks to social media.

Was there a particular moment when your Instagram followers grew or was it a steady climb?

It was a steady, consistent and slow climb over 4 years! I believe it takes several years to build an audience that truly cares for you, trusts you and follows you for the right reasons!

What career did you want to get into when you were a child?

Growing up in Moscow I dreamed of living in Los Angeles and becoming an actress and I guess I am living that dream now 🙂 Except I am also a fashion and travel influencer with a B.A. in Finance 🙂

As an influencer do you believe you are an entrepreneur? If so, why?

Absolutely yes! There are several reasons why! First, as an influencer my income solely depends on my ability to generate my own revenue by partnering with brands and making sales for them which require many entrepreneurial skills. I see more and more partnerships based on commission from sales, not just “pay per post” because brands want to see a return on their investment in terms of sales. So as an influencer you have to be good at sales, marketing and understanding what your followers might be interested in buying and what they can afford to buy.

Also, to be a successful influencer you eventually have to think about creating your own brand, which requires even more entrepreneurial skills, such as hiring a team, managing people, creating a business plan and so on.

How would you define success?

To me success is living life with curiosity without fear and regret, knowing that I have lived a limitless life and fulfilled my highest potential as a human being on this planet.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

To be honest, I try not to take advice from anyone, that way I will not have anyone to blame if the outcome of those decisions is not favorable. Also, not taking anyone’s advice feels very empowering! I highly recommend it!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I see myself happily married with 2 kids haha