Check out our interview with singer, songwriter, and performer A STARR who just released her new single and music video “Tomboy.”

The track is packed with 808s and attitude as she shatters gender norms, unapologetically focusing on the things that make her happy like riding dirt bikes and skateboards, regardless of what others think. This is the second offering from the budding young artist following her debut single “No Filter,” which was co-written with Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Poo Bear (Justin Bieber, Usher, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez) and produced by Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Shndō (Justin Bieber’s “Peaches”) and quickly garnered over 2 million streams.

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A STARR - Tomboy (Official Music Video)

Describe yourself in 3 words?


We’re sure you have been asked this million times but how did you get in the industry? How has this changed your life?

It is a natural thing for me and I have been singing and performing since I was a child. It’s just me. A friend saw my passion and thought I should pursue it. I was put into contact with some people and I was introduced to Poo Bear – he believed in me and gave me a chance to pursue my dreams. I don’t really feel like it changed my life, it just gave me more of a reason to keep pushing for what I truly believe in.

Who influences you and why did you choose to make music?

I love music and I am truly not influenced by anyone. I wanna be me and continue to be me. I wanna give to others what I was lacking and teach people about themselves. I want to show them it’s ok to be different and to express themselves in any way they see fit. I express myself in my music. It’s a channel to my life and it’s my outlet.

Tell us about your single “Tomboy?” What’s the story behind it?

The story behind “Tomboy”… it’s me. It’s saying it’s ok to do all the things that I enjoy. So I thought I would express to the world it’s ok to do whatever you like – just be you. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something especially because you’re a girl and the things you enjoy are stereotypical boy things. I can have just as much fun! I love being a girly girl and then I love getting dirty and having fun in the mud or doing what boys do!

And about the success of your debut single “No Filter?”

I am so happy with “No Filter,” that’s me with no filter leading up to “Tomboy.” I am going to say and do what I wanna do and have fun. Just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I can’t do it just like you.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Expressing myself to others who might have walked in my shoes before and giving them a platform.

What would you say are the greatest lessons you learned so far?

Never give up and keep trying harder and harder. If people try to knock you down, don’t let them.

How would your best friend describe you?

Carefree, but a fuck off version. Funny, spontaneous, authentic, loving, always a good time and bubbly.

What’s next for A STARR in the last months of 2022 and for 2023?

My next song is so fucking fire I hope it will be out by the end of the year!! It’s a different version of me and you guys are gonna think it’s fire.

How would you explain your fashion style?

Bold, chaotic, edgy and exotic…I want you to be able to see A STARR coming.

What is your own definition of happiness?

Doing what I love and making music. Exploring new things, traveling, and being around the people I love.

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Walt Disney because of his extraordinary ideas and imagination.My mind never stops and I feel like he was the same. I admire him for all that he did and his amazing ideas. He is a true icon to me.

Best advice someone has ever given you?

Life is short. Do what makes you happy and follow your dreams. Never give up and always give it your all. Something will always come out of it as long as you try. Trying is everything.

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years from now?

I am living for today to see what the future will bring me.

Where can we follow you online?

Instagram – @astarrofficial, TikTok – @a.starrofficial, and you can search A STARR on all streaming platforms and YouTube!

Quote: “It is what it is”

Movie: Horror & action movies

TV Series: Suits

Favorite Food: Sushi

Travel Destination: Europe

Sports Team: Miami Heat & Philly teams



Cover Photo & Black Jacket Credit: Chad Griffith @chad_griffith