Check out our exclusive interview with 16 year old singer/songwriter Kaylee Lauren who recently released her 3 debut singles “Tell Me” “Rollercoaster” and “Not Enough.”

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Hi Kaylee Lauren, please tell us about your journey as a singer-songwriter in the music industry.

Hello, I’m Kaylee Lauren, I’m a rising, independent, singer-songwriter/artist from Los Angeles. I have been singing my whole life, and songwriting for about two years now. Singing has truly given me the creative outlet to use my voice as an expressive tool and to share my vocal range with the world. Songwriting has honestly combined my authentic feelings and emotional inner thoughts, in a way that allows me to express myself to my audience and anyone who relates to my lyrics. I typically write deeply personal songs during the times when I feel everything to an extreme, which allows me to turn it into affective lyricism that is capable of healing the hearts of my listeners who relate. I constantly share videos and posts, relating to my music, which has resulted in more than 24,000+ followers on social media. My dedication to creating my music and songwriting is truly shown when I release new music for my audience to connect too.

How has this changed your life?

Music has definitely changed my life because my perspectives, connections, and ways to express myself have truly advanced and changed, since being in the industry. When I write my music, I truly learn new perspectives of a situation that I’m going through, when I see it written down and not only hear the isolated thoughts in my head. My perspective on success has also changed because I realized that in order for my dreams to come true, I need to constantly work towards what I want to succeed, and the universe will deliver what I work towards, in ways that I can’t even imagine yet. Being in the industry has certainly allowed me to meet new collaborators and industry professionals, which has established life-long connections and relationships for me. The connections I’ve made in the industry have taught me so much, from the daily conversations I’ve had with producers, teachers, and other artists/creatives. Through songwriting I have taught myself a therapeutic, healing, and creative outlet that distinctively allows me to express my feelings towards any perspective in my life, which not only provides a sense of connection to my fans who relate to my lyrics, but also leaves me feeling emotionally secure.

We’re sure you have been asked this million times but how did you get in the industry?

Since I was a kid, I had always dreamt of becoming a successful singer and I have since, consistently pursued my career with hard work and persistence. I believe that my love for singing and songwriting has truly allowed me to stay committed to this creative path in my life, despite any hardships or setbacks. For the last year I’ve consistently pursued my singing career by marketing myself by sending emails to every industry contact I can find, marketing on social media, and practicing my skills everyday to shape the best version of an artist I can become. It takes a great deal of vulnerability and strength to be able to put my emotions out on the internet for my audience to judge, but to say the least, it has strengthened my confidence and shaped my artistry. I think to be able to put myself out there, as an artist, truly will get me to the success that I want as a rising singer in the industry. With that being said, putting myself out there for the world to judge, has only opened doors and opportunities that have inevitably shaped who I am as a singer-songwriter and has pushed me into the music industry.

What’s the story behind your songs “Tell Me” “Rollercoaster” and “Not Enough?”

“Tell Me” is a vulnerable, honest, and confessional song that depicts the messy emotions when experiencing missing someone, after mutually deciding to walk away from each other. The song feels like an emotional rollercoaster through the feelings of vulnerability, and chaotic emotions as it combines a sad, ballad song with powerful and emotional lyrics. The production reveals a build up of intricate instrumentals while layering raw vocals with confessional lyrics. “Tell Me” is the perfect post-heartbreak song to cry your blues away to.

“Not Enough” pairs instrumentals and raw vocals, along with emotional and relatable verses expressing the real, damaging thoughts that one experiences when dealing with insecurities. It eloquently conveys the intense and real emotions, the insecurities spark, and how easy it is to get lost within your own thoughts internally believing you are “Not Enough”. It’s the kind of song that allows you to feel connected to the lyrics, while relating the lyrics to the destructive insecurities in your own head. The song vulnerably allows the listener to feel less alone, when experiencing such intense and intrusive thoughts, while listening to the emotional lyrics, which you can easily get lost in.

“Rollercoaster” is a fun pop song perfect for dancing but also getting deep in feelings!
“Rollercoaster” is a song about toxic relationships that depict unstable and unfamiliar emotions that constantly change, causing one to doubt themselves. As a teenager, I’ve observed that the unstable relationships with people that I have with people, are very difficult to deal with, especially as a growing teenager who is trying to find who they are. Relationships that seem to always come and go internally forced me to blame myself for all the problems and pain. I wanted to write a song that perfectly represents a relationship with its many ups and downs as depicted in my song lyrics “We go up and down and still end up the same”.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Being able to connect with my audience on a level of understanding each other’s feelings and emotions, has truly provided me with the greatest reward so far, and I’m sure this feeling won’t change. To hear that I’m helping someone through a breakup or a hardship in their life, not only provides a sense of validation for me, but it also makes me feel as if I’m providing validation to a stranger, who relates to my internalized feelings. This reward is quite unique because, through my lyricism and music, I am able to create a space where my fans can play my music and feel connected to another individual, without having any interaction, and without the fear of being judged. When I’m in the middle of feeling a vast amount of emotions that seem indescribable, I find myself writing out my emotions, pouring my heart out, to later share with my audience, to make them feel understood. I feel that this gift that I can share with the world, is truly a healing experience for my audience to feel understood, while going through vulnerable feelings. To be able to turn my pain and hardships into something that is truly a beautiful creative outlet for strangers and myself, is truly a very special and rewarding experience, to say the least. I am grateful that I’m able to share my feelings with the world, and the fact that I am able to help heal wounds in such heavy heartaches experienced by strangers, makes me feel so empowered as an artist.

What’s next for Kaylee Lauren in 2022?

I am working on more projects and songs coming out very very soon, that I’m so excited to tease on social media and put out into the world. I’m working on more articles and press releases that I’m featuring in, which I’m so grateful to be a part of, and excited to share with my audience. I’m always writing songs, which has become a creative outlet for me, that honestly is close to therapy, which I’m delighted to share with the internet very soon. I’m always reaching out to new collaborators and magazines, so I will be posting a lot more exposure opportunities that I will be in. I’m constantly posting new videos and sharing my voice with my audience, hoping to help heal and validate my fans in any way I can. I honestly love creating music for strangers on the internet, to provide a sense of empathy for anyone going through a hard time, and giving a light to the darkness that someone might be experiencing. If my music is capable of helping heal any scars or messy emotions that are hard to express, then I’m truly fulfilling my dreams.

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years from now?

I see myself as a growing, successful version of myself at that time in my life. I see myself in daily studio sessions working with profound artists and producers, creating vulnerable and relatable music that are on charts across the world. I see myself with millions of followers who relate to my music and connect to my lyrics, and artistry. I see myself touring around the US and Europe/Uk to provide a healing, fun, and exhilarating experience for all my fans to see me in concert. I see myself working with many collaborators, and going to many work events and red carpets working with established designers and friends. Honestly I am so grateful to be where I am today and I know my artistry and singing career, in the music industry, is only advancing and working its way up to the top, I’m so thankful to anyone believing in my talent and artistry.

Where can we follow you?

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