Check out our interview with stunning Colombian model and businesswoman Malory Henao.

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How did you get started in Modeling?

When I started out, I went to all the castings. Swimwear, runway, catalog, high fashion, commercial; everything! I wasted so much time going to castings that weren’t for me and because of it, I grew weary of the process. I got bitter and began to resent the industry. I must say there’s no initial harm going to all the castings that your agency submits you for because you may book the occasional job that doesn’t fit your description. The long term is what hurts.

Also realized that modeling has a shelf life and it could be much shorter than you anticipate. Developing one of these part time careers such as personal training or real estate is something you want to start right away and build upon so the day when the modeling grim reaper knocks on your door, you will be ready to answer and move gracefully to your afterlife career.

Anything funny that happened during a casting?

Modeling jobs & casting calls is exactly what to expect like a model.

When you’re doing some castings is normal is you feel nervous in the moment when you’re going to do it well, and the adrenaline doesn’t let you, at the end you can be like think… Ohhhh!!!! it was very fun. Each casting is a unique experience.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is an expression of how you feel, it is art, it is feeling, it is passion.

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

When I was a child, I loved to read fashion magazines and one of the most famous models at that time was Izabel Goulart, she was my inspiration.

What are your goals as a model?

My goals as a model is just continue to enjoy life’s opportunities.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers?

My favorite models are those from the 90s such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell.

My favorite designers: Elisabetta Franchi, Alice Olivo and Silvia Tcherassi.

How did you stay fit?

Believe it or not, staying fit is ridiculously simple.

Here are 7 ways:

Exercise. Go for a swim, go hiking, do yoga, play football, go cycling, lift weights, go running, walk your dog, etc. Any form of exercise that you truly enjoy will do. Exercise should be enjoyable and NOT a burden as only then will you keep at it regularly.

Running, cycling and swimming really get your heart pumping, improve circulation, spike your metabolism and burn a lot of calories.

Yoga is great for flexibility, cardio health, improved metabolism, and decent muscle development.

Lifting builds muscle, increases strength, boosts testosterone and GH, elevates metabolism, burns a lot of calories, etc.

Walking, climbing stairs, etc. offer all the benefits of cardio but to a lessened degree. They are also low impact meaning that you can do them for longer periods and recover pretty quickly.

And what do you dislike?

We will find the pros and cons in each moment of our lives, modeling and show are not the exception, something we have to deal with in this environment is with the competition and the ego and sometimes and although It is something that has to do with our own lives, what I have had to learn is that everything that is outside of me is a reflection of what is inside and when I see something that I do not like, I look inside myself for what this is showing me every situation in my life.

What other modeling projects have you done?

Modeling has become a part of global popular culture, and the models who walk the runway have gained prominence. There is talk of diverse representation of models in the fashion industry, in terms of gender, ethnicity, and age of models.

That’s why my choice in this area was… Swimsuits and lingerie models, swimsuits and lingerie models model-specific garments like lingerie, swimsuit, summer, and nightwear. I can walk fashion runway shows, appear in fashion editorials and even commercial catalogs for various brands, designers and stores, depending on their skill, type, and versatility. These types of models are required to constantly monitor their diet and maintain proper shape and size.

Name one beauty products you can’t live without.

Hahaha easy! I can’t live without my ice cream… halo top.

What is guilty pleasure food wise?

Chocolates and ice cream.

What your advice for the newer models?

It’s an awesome job. It’s fun, glamorous, creative, potentially lucrative, and overall one hell of an experience, or at least it can be.

My original point was that everyday companies like Tropicana, Microsoft, and Walmart need models. You’re not going to skip the line at the nightclub because you were modeling a plunger in last week’s Walmart flyer. There is a glamorous side, but usually that is not the work that pays the bills.

Where we can follow you?

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PH: Ivan Brun
Make up: Fiorelaviloria
Model: Malory Henao