Check out our interview with stunning Colombian model and entrepreneur Viviana Segura who thinks that the true beauty of a woman begins from her essence and her energy.

Viviana has worked as an actress and model for large productions such as RCN, CARACOL, Tele Mundo, RTI, Miss World Latina USA Reign, and also modeling for top brands and as host for several events.

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How and when did you start modeling?

When I was 15 years old, someone very close to the family told my parents that I should participate in a modeling event for a swimwear designer, my parents did not let me, but I did not listen them and I went to this event. I had never taken catwalk classes but I arrived and they asked me if I knew catwalk and I said yes. I wanted to participate yes or yes. I started to see the rehearsals of the girls who were also going to participate and I recorded them I practiced them until the day of the event, the mother of a friend supported me, I told my parents that I was going to a birthday, and in the parade I was the best on the catwalk and I appeared in a fashion magazine, which my family later saw and in the midst of their anger for not paying attention to them, they realized that it was my passion and that I had fought for it and from there, they supported me and I started my modeling career.

What’s fun about being a model and what’s not?

The funniest thing is that we always feel beautiful and that is what we radiate to others since in most events we are put on makeup, different exclusive brands dress us beautifully, people admire us for what we do and that makes us feel very confident of ourselves.

What is not fun is work times, long days, sometimes heels are not our best friends, sometimes we do not have time to eat well and even if we feel tired we must always continue and smile to put the best energy.

What is the most important thing when you model?

The most important thing is the concentration and the energy that we transmit. It counts for everything, photos, catwalks, interviews, everything we want to show must be part of us models since it is always what is reflected in the world, the attitude, gestures, looks, expressions is what you capture in everything.

What is your advice for new influencer and models?

Mainly, my best advice is to fill yourself with love, confidence, charisma and enjoy every moment without losing your essence by loving what you do, only then can you reflect it naturally.

Discipline and responsibility are also key to all processes of improvement and success.

Where can we follow you?

Find me on Instagram as @vivisegurafit



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