Check out our interview with talented actor Joey Vieira.

Joey is best known for his recurring role as Guillermo on Texas Rising: The Lost Soldier. He also had roles on such shows as: Strong Medicine, The Shield, Agent Briggs, Pacific Blue, Fastlane, and Kitchen Confidential.

He has also had roles in such films as: Dora and The City of Lost Gold where he plays the role of Nico, Home The Horror Story, 10 Attitudes, At Last, Jungle, and San Andreas. He just wrapped a series regular role on the pilot Welcome To Wrigleton and is currently working on the ABC Series Reef Break in a recurring role.

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Happy – Fit – Father

Who was your role model as a child?

I really looked up to my parents equally. Hard working, always did what was right and they put family first.

How did you get started into acting?

I’ve always loved the arts! Started as a young performer in local cultural events and then got into ballet and musical theatre when I was in high school.

How has this changed your life? 

“Life” has changed me as an actor. Life experience is where I pull from and age has made me a better and more focused actor.

Tell us about your work in “Dora and The City of Lost Gold,” and your role as Nico?

It was such an amazing experience to be able to work in Queensland Australia with the best in the industry! I play Diego’s dad “Nico” and we move from the jungle to the city. Dora comes to stay with us and starts high school with Diego…and that’s when the adventure begins

Tell us about your work in “Reef Break” on the ABC.

It’s an action packed crime drama where I play a, by the book, Detective. The season just ended and we are hoping to be back for a season 2.

What other projects have you been part of?

I’m just getting back from Melbourne Australia where I’ve been filming on a comedy series called “How to Stay Married” Season 2. That, along with a few other films will hit screens early next year.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

The most rewarding has always been the wonderful people you meet on set.

How would you explain your fashion style?

I’m always going to be a Levi’s and tee kinda guy. It’ll never go out of fashion.

What would be a deal breaker on a first date?

Smoking…that would be the first and last date, if she smoked.

How would your best friend describe you?

Best friend would say that I love to laugh, talked a lot and had loads of energy.

What’s next for Joey Vieira in 2019/2020?

I’m off to China for the premiere of “At Last” and will be at a handful of Film Festivals including The Sanctuary International Film Festival in Queensland Australia.

What is your own definition of happiness?

Being a father has been the best chapter in my life. That boy is happiness to me!

How is a normal day in your life?

My day always starts with getting my wife a coffee, then school drop off, gym, work, school pick up, son’s homework, family dinner, family tv and then bed.

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday?

A perfect Sunday would include going to the beach on the Gold Coast. Surfing and building sand castles with my son.

What is your favorite healthy food?

After my dad’s heart attack I decided to focus on a plant based diet so healthy is just part of my everyday.

And your favorite cheat food?

Oreo cookies!

Best advice ever given?

Major in something that makes you happy…said to me by a director of a musical play I was in.

Name 3 things you can’t live without?

My phone, my phone and my phone. I’d be so lost without it!

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years from now?

In 5 years I hope to be fit, healthy and a loving father and husband. I have no clue where the work will take me but I will still be acting.

Favorite song? Why?

“Amazed” by Lonestar…the song I played when I proposed to my wife.

What music do you like? 

Just about everything from classical, country to hip hop and electro music.

What do you think of Social Media?

I’m always feeling like I’m a step or two behind, when it comes to Social Media.

Where we can follow you?

My Facebook actor page is Joey Vieira and my Instagram is @thejoeyvieira

Quote: Life is short. So do the things which make you happy. And be with people who make you happy. Look for the good in every day – even if some days you have to look harder. – Karen Salmansohn

Favorite Singer/Artist: Freddie Mercury/Queen

Favorite Car: Porsche 911

Movie: Pulp Fiction

Travel Destination: Australia…all of it!

Sports Team Player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Tv Show: Top Gear

Book: 1984, by George Orwell



Photo Credit: Clifford Kwan.