Check out our interview with HBO’s new series “The Time Traveler’s Wife” actress Caitlin Shorey who is quickly making a name for herself with buzzworthy roles in television and film.

Taking 2022 by storm, Shorey will make her television debut as the younger version of Clare Abshire (Rose Leslie) in the HBO limited series, adapted by Audrey Niffenegger’s beloved novel of the same name. The tale follows the intricate and magical love story between Clare and Henry (Theo James), and a marriage with a problem…time travel.
Growing up in a wealthy family, the intelligent, charismatic and wise beyond her years; Clare’s world revolves around Henry’s visits.

Later this year, Shorey will make her feature film debut in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, Netflix’s film adaptation of the short story by Stephen King, from Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy Productions.

Outside of entertainment, Caitlin is committed to philanthropic work, supporting Inheritance of Hope since 2018, when her mother was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. In June 2021, she sang to her mom for the last time at a virtual cabaret and promised her she would continue raising money and awareness so IoH can serve many more families as they had done with the Shorey’s.

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Hi Caitlin, Please tell us a little about you?

Hello, I am 11 years old and live in Pennsylvania with my dad, brother, and two cats. I enjoy acting, singing, and hanging out with my friends.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Optimistic, friendly, and strong.

How did you get started in acting?

I always enjoyed being on stage whether it was singing, acting, or in natural pageants. I just wanted to be on stage from the age of 5. Then when the pandemic started and I could no longer be on stage, I started to give on-camera acting a try and I enjoyed it.

What is the best and worst part of being an actress?

The best part is pretty much everything, Working with talented castmates, and being on set is great, even school on set is fun most of the time. I even like doing self-tape auditions at home even if I don’t get cast, I try to learn with every audition. The worst part is being away from friends and family at times.

How do you prepare for a role?

I first look at the character description and try to envision the role. I then try to understand the character’s back story, their history, things I have in common with the character that will help when bringing the character to life. I then start memorizing my lines and getting as prepared as possible for when it is time to film.

Tell us about your work on HBO’s new series “The Time Traveler’s Wife”?

I had the amazing opportunity to play Clare Abshire from the ages of 9-14. This will be my television debut and it was the greatest experience ever! I learned so much every day on set and really became comfortable being in front of the camera. I really enjoyed trying to bring Clare’s emotions and conflicts to the screen to help tell this amazing story.

How was working alongside such a talented cast?

It was a very humbling experience to be part of this cast. My first day on set I worked with Michael Park (who was in the original cast of Dear Even Hansen) and sings one of my favorite songs from that show. He was so kind and helpful on that cold, rainy day of shooting. Theo James and I worked a lot together. He’s like a regular cool guy who made me feel right at home on set and we had a lot of fun conversations between takes. Rose Leslie was always nice to talk to and helped me see what Clare was supposed to be. David Nutter, our director was kind and so great to work with. He always helped get the most out of all my scenes. Steven Moffet wrote such good dialogue for my character. Then Everleigh McDonell who play the youngest version of Clare was so fun to hang out with.

What kind of roles do you like or would you like to play?

I am so new to acting that any and every role is interesting and would be fun for me to play. I enjoy the challenge of taking on any type of role.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

The most rewarding part of my work is seeing the final product. Showcasing how all my hard work fits in to tell the story.

What would you say is the greatest lesson you learned so far in the business?

To work hard and be confident with every audition or job, because you never know when the next one will come. Also, to never waste an opportunity, always put your best on tape.

How would your best friend describe you?

Funny, lighthearted, and loyal.

If you are a book, what would be the title of the book and why?

The book would be called “Caitlin the Daughter of Perseverance” It would be called that because I have had to persevere a lot the last few years, not living in a big acting city, not having constant training, my family needing to sacrifice for me to pursue acting, My mom living with a terminal illness and then passing away in the middle of filming “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” I learned every bit of that perseverance from my mom. She battled Metastatic breast cancer for 4½ years. No matter how bad treatment made her feel or how weak she was, she woke up every day with a positive attitude, always put her kids first, went to all our events, supported everything we did and would never let us think anything was impossible. She was perseverant and I am her daughter.

What is next for Caitlin in 2022?

Later this year I will make my feature film debut in Netflix’s “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.” I will also start middle school in the fall.

What is your favorite healthy food?


What is your favorite cheat food?


If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Lin-Manuel Miranda because he has written so many of my favorite movies and musicals.

What would be the dream Holiday and who would go with me?

Visiting Hawaii with my whole family, and both sets of my grandparents. We would visit my brother who is a Marine stationed there. All the pictures he shares with us look so beautiful.

How would explain your fashion style, What is in your closet cannot live without?

My fashion style is casual. The one item that is a must-have is my light colored jeans.

Best advice ever given?

Caitlin is who you are, acting is what you do. – Dad

Do you support a charity?

YES!!! I support “Inheritance of Hope” The are a charity that help families with children under 18 with a parent with a terminal illness. I have raised money and awareness for them since they served my Family with a life changing legacy re-treat in March of 2018. It meant so much to our family and I want to do all I can to help them serve more Families facing the loss of a parent!

Where do you see yourself and your career 5 years from now?

I hope to still be acting, singing, and doing as many projects as I can.

Favorite song? Why?

“Light My Love” by Greta Van Fleet. My brother introduced it to me and it is so good and helps when I need to get through tough times.

What do you think of social media?

I think it is good to get your name out there, but can be bad if you get to wrapped up in it.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram: @CaitlinMaeraShorey

Book: A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Quote: “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have”- Bob Marley

Movie: The Sandlot

TV series: Disney’s “Secrets of Sulpher Springs”

Favorite Food: Fettuccine Alfredo

Travel Destination: It’s a tie between Outer Banks or Maine.

Sports Team: University of Connecticut Huskies (Basketball)



Photo Credit: Jonathan Pushnik)