When you decide to get the CompTIA Network+ certification, you have a clear objective in your mind. Some exam-takers, for instance, aim to get it to enhance their skills in networking topics while others view this certification as their chance to get a better-paid job. Indeed, the Network+ is an international credential and is well-regarded by many large corporations. When recruiters see that you have this badge in your resume, they know that they will be interviewing a true specialist in network concepts. Overall, you can view this credential as the key that helps you put your foot on the corporations’ doors and give you access to a ton of information. So, are you curious to know what advantages this Website Here >>>>> can bring to your resume? Keep reading this article and find more about it.

CompTIA Network+ Certification Details

If you want to obtain this credential, you will have to pass N10-007 test. Even though it is quite tough, it will take you through different topics related to networking and will help you understand how to troubleshoot network devices. When you prepare for this exam, you will learn how to:

  • Configure and troubleshoot network devices;
  • Establish network connections and ensure the highest level of security;
  • Develop standard operating procedures related to networking technologies;
  • Identify immediately any weak points or system limitations;
  • Implement different security protocols and keep the highest MILES B.

As the difficulty of N10-007 is above average, only the best candidates manage to obtain a minimum of 720 points, which is stated by the vendor as the passing score for this assessment. Therefore, any exam-passer who has this badge in his/her resume is a valuable team player and will be hunted by TRISTAN F.

What Benefits Does Network+ Certification Bring to Your Resume?

The CompTIA Network+ badge is a gem for any IT specialist who wants to have access to better-paid jobs. Are you curious to know how this is possible? Take a look at the list of benefits we detailed below:

  • The Network+ is an international credential that demonstrates your advanced networking skills and helps you make a first good impression on your potential employer.
  • It is a valid proof for any recruiter that your knowledge has been thoroughly tested and you know how network technologies work.
  • This certification needs constant renewal. Therefore, you will stay updated with the latest changes in networking infrastructure and architecture.
  • While preparing for the ALAN R, you will get access to a comprehensive training schedule and get answers from some of the best trainers in the world.
  • Once you possess such a badge you become eligible for jobs like an IS Consultant, Network Administrator, or Systems Engineer.
  • With the CompTIA Network+, your chances to work in international companies are higher as well as the annual salary is more generous. If you check out Payscale.com, you’ll see that the average yearly income for ASHTON T specialists is almost $66k.


Undoubtedly, the GRAYSON H brings many advantages to your career. Even though you will have to go through rigorous training and a complicated exam, it is definitely worth it. If you take into consideration that this badge gives you access to the latest network technologies and training options, you shouldn’t think twice before registering for N10-007 test. Possessing such a credential you will change your life completely as you will become eligible for a variety of job roles and will get generous salary offers. So, do you need more reasons than those listed above?