We all know that as we age there are some things we don’t like. Our skin becomes less supple and starts to wrinkle, we can have trouble sleeping and our mobility gets worse. We become more prone to diseases and infections, so our visits to the doctors are more regular. One of the easiest things to deal with is our gray hair, which you can buy products from the local supermarket or pharmacy to cover. Are there any other ways that will help slow the aging process though?

Why Do We Age?

There have been numerous studies on the aging process, as before scientists could find anything to slow it down they first of all have to understand why it happens. Most of them have come to the conclusion that it’s a biological process that can be affected by hereditary and genetic factors.

The next stage of the studies was to try and find anything that would help to slow the process so that older people can be healthier.

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Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has not become popular for no reason; there are many health benefits to it. As well as being a very good way of losing and regulating your weight, it has been shown that it is a crucial component in slowing the aging process and extending your lifespan.

Basically, you set yourself certain hours where you eat, and between times you only drink water. A popular time frame is stopping eating by eight in the evening and not starting again until 12 the next day. In the eight-hour timeframe that you can eat, you should stick to a healthy diet and the combination of the two can have amazing effects on your body and your health. For some people, they prefer a longer timeframe for their eating and that is fine, as long as when you are fasting you only have water.


It does not matter why you want to be feeling better, you will always be told exercise is important. That does not mean you have to rush out and join a gym or do anything else that is strenuous. A daily walk, using stairs instead of the elevator or doing a few exercises at home will help. The more you do the more energy you will have and that will help you to increase the levels of exercise you do.

Other Things That Can Help

Healthy eating, intermittent fasting and exercise are not the only things that can help to slow the aging processes. Keep your life as stress-free as you can and have a positive mindset. Medication can help you to achieve both of these as well as helping to increase your brains functions.

Growing old is part of life, but these few easy things can make your old age healthier and less stressful, and they are well worth the effort involved. Make them part of your daily routine, and very soon they become less of a chore, which will have an even more positive effect on your health.