When it comes to in home fitness, nothing beats the feeling of being on a rowboat. You can feel the wind rushing past your body, you can hear the flow of the waves, and see the sparkle of the sun on the water while remaining at home. Rowing allows you to have fun as you build your muscles. No home exercise can replicate this feeling other than the Ergatta. The Ergatta rower is designed for those who are not crazy about the gyms but still have a competitive edge and want to have fun while exercising. Ergatta took a more traditional approach when creating this machine. The Ergatta in a connected rowing workout built on a water rower machine. Here is why the Ergatta rower is worth it.

1. How the Ergatta Works.

The Ergatta rower is a smart or connected rowing machine that provides you with a gaming-inspired workout platform. This machine works through different exercise challenges. The Ergatta is different from other interactive workouts like the Peloton. Instead of having a suite of live and instructor-led classes, the Ergatta provides metrics and real-time feedback and allows you to compete with other members of the Ergatta community. This equipment is currently the most interactive rowing machine. Essentially, it connects you to a virtual gym but uses your physical movements to detect your performance. It then translates that information into a virtual display that delivers visual results. This means that you can see your performance as you row. The hardware is made by WaterRower, the leading rowing machine brand in the world.

2. Experience.

A virtual gym is an ideal thing for most people. It provides you with an opportunity to work on your own or join online classes while at home. You no longer have to worry about people staring at you. The Ergatta comes with a 17.3-inch screen to display your workouts. However, unlike other interactive exercises, it does not have an instructor. Instead, it has video-game inspired routines that are motivating, like high-energy workouts. The Ergatta comes with interval workouts and goal-based plans. You can also compete against other Ergata users in simulated races.

3. Workouts.

The Ergatta provides a workout platform that most people have never seen before. The platform uses an active intelligence system that challenges you based on your fitness needs. The software will also motivate you to reach your goals since it provides you with real-time feedback. The Ergatta also adds new challenges each week under programs such as race workout, open row, interval workouts, and push programs.

4. Specs.

WaterRower made the Ergatta to last a lifetime. The company has over 30 years of experience, and they are considered the leaders in the rowing machine industry because they dedicate themselves to making high-quality rowers. This equipment features beautiful cherry wood, which professionals assemble after delivery. The Ergatta also comes with a five-year warranty. This machine uses real water to create resistance. Some of the specs include;

  • 17.3’’ High-Def Android-Powered Touchscreen
  • Hand made in the U.S.
  • Max User Weight 500 LBS
  • Up to 6’8’’ User Height
  • Dimension When in Use Include 86’’x23’’x40.’
  • Dimensions When Stored 23’’x22.5’’x86.’’
  • Machine Weight 103 LBS with water and 76.5 LBS without water
  • Wheels on the Back for more effortless movement

5. Storage.

One thing that you should always consider when buying a rowing machine is your space. Rowing machines tend to occupy ample space, and the Ergatta is no exception. However, it is easy to store this machine. After finishing your workout, you can fold the Ergatta up vertically to help you save on space. As such, the Ergatta is perfect for apartments or those with limited space.

6. Price.

With the innovation that comes with the Ergatta, this machine is not cheap. It will cost you $2,199 and an additional $ 199 for shipping and installation. However, you can make the price more manageable by financing your Ergatta Rower, starting at $102 per month for 24 months. You will also have to pay an extra $29 per month to access the library of on-demand workout classes.

7. Why the Ergatta is Worth it.

The Ergatta has everything you could need in a rower. From the fantastic design to the gaming-inspired interface, you have nothing to complain about when it comes to the Ergatta. This machine brings something different from the other connected options. The workouts will provide you with a fun experience, and its engagement motivates you to reach your goals.

If you purchase the Ergatta you will have a reason to keep working out. If you are looking for a connected workout option that will change your exercise experience, get the Ergatta.