It’s Tea Time

Rosali Tea Has Arrived!

The Finest and Purest Curated Artisanal Tea Delivered To Your Door

Discover hand-crafted teas tailored to your needs



Rosali Tea is offering monthly curated tea boxes filled with the finest tea available anywhere delivered right to your door.

The company, founded by Stanford MBA-turned-tea connoisseur, Rosa Li, launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign on September 9, with products set to ship to backers in November. The Kickstarter was a huge success and Rosali Tea is now preparing to ship.

What makes Rosali Tea stand apart of the crowd? Rosa only sources the finest, small batch artisanal tea, with an emphasis on introducing new tea lovers to the unique health and flavor characteristics of each leaf.

Rosali Tea began as Rosa’s passion project after she tea-tasted the finest teas throughout her travels around the world. Rosa returned to the US hoping to indulge in the comfort of a warm cup of tea, but as many of us, she was disappointed in what she found in the stores.

Most standard grocery store tea bags are full of small particles from machine-crushed stems and low quality leaves, while premium teas are usually only sold at specialty shops that are not accessible to the average consumer. What also separates Rosali Tea from other whole-leaf teas, is the quality in her small-batch blends. You can get 3-4 steeps out of her teas vs 1-2 with cheaply sourced teas.


Rosali Tea was founded to simplify the tea shopping experience without sacrificing the complexity of each leaf. Rosa sources teas from the best, multi-generational artisans around the world, who handcraft their teas in small batches to yield the highest quality.

Rosali Tea’s unique taste preference algorithm delivers three new teas to members’ doorsteps. Each box is devoted to educating consumers about the flavors and health benefits associated with each leaf, and includes free, biodegradable filters for quick, uncomplicated brewing. “Following the third wave of coffee, people moved from commodity coffee towards artisanal choices such as Blue Bottle and Philz. It’s now time to introduce artisanal tea to consumers. My service condenses the vast world of tea into an easily attainable and tailored experience. Rosali Tea is the go-to place for people to discover and purchase their daily gourmet tea, “stated Rosa Li. You cannot find these tours in typical stores.


The editors at Naluda are thrilled to introduce you to this ‘elite’ tea. Rosali is not only offering the best tasting tea, but also her tea is great for good health.

Who doesn’t enjoy a great “spot of tea?”

Check out their website today. rosalitea.com