Our newest interview with talented Jessica Sutta who just Reaches No.1 on Billboard Dance Charts with her Single “Distortion.”

The album is an elegant blend of EDM/Pop and is a personal journey of J. Sutta post Pussycat Dolls. Aurally cinematic with its peaks and pits, J. Sutta sheds her armor and reveals herself, naked and beautiful for the world to adorn her. The album takes us on a musical journey with J. Sutta, discovering the fearlessness that is being a female artist in today¹s world and loving oneself.

The album includes two singles already released in Forever and Distortion. The former was the #1 independently released song on Top 40 Radio for four weeks straight, peaking at #55 and #58 on Rhythmic with over 1.5 Million streams and over 2 Million views on YouTube.

J. Sutta new album “I Say Yes” out now


Define yourself in 3 words

Kellyanne Conway sucks!

Tell us about the success of new single “Distortion”?

I’m super grateful to have had it go to #1 on Billboard Dance. Great feeling!

Where did you film the video and who is the director?

The director is Zaz from Cake Kills. He is a just an awesomely beautiful, creative weirdo who got my vision and energy right away. Loved working with him.

We filmed in Joshua Tree (which is my favorite place on earth) and just random, desolate yet beautifully scenic locations. We kind of winged a lot of where we filmed as we went along. In one spot near Salton Sea we were approached and threatened to be shut down mid shoot by the town sheriff, the town mayor, the town fireman and the town mailman. They were all the same person btw.


Did you get involved in the concept/idea of the video?

Yes. I always like to be involved in every aspect of the creative side of things. If music and visuals are an extension of the artist I think it’s essential to be involved, for fans to connect with a true and authentic representation of the artist. For this video in particular, I wanted it to be natural, barely any make up, just fun, carefree hanging out with friends and celebrating life.

:: Distortion ::

What does it feel like to reach No.1 on The Billboard Dance Charts?

It is very flattering. I really owe it to the crew of talented peeps who I collaborated with on the song, the remixes, the reporters and DJ’s who gave it a shot, my small but relentless team and my beautiful, loyal and loving fans.

Do you have a date for the album release?

March 3rd!!! March 3rd!!! March 3rd!!!!!

What we can expect of this album?

Well, if you play it 12 times per day for 100 days you can expect a beanstalk that leads to a magical place, to grow in your backyard or your money back!

If you could choose one artist to work with in the future, who would it be and why?

I would like to do more DJ collaborations. There are so many talented artists and producers out there. Whatever comes my way organically, i’m sure it will be a fun process.

Whats’ next for Jessica Sutta?

Late night cereal.

How do you see the EDM scene in 5 years?

There are so many sub genres now, it’s difficult to tell. I’m excited to be a part of whatever is coming and to work with innovators and risk takers.

What’s the first song you ever remember hearing?

Hotline Bling by Drake. It’s that Caliweeeeeeeee!

What’s the magic formula for success?

Ask me this time next year!

Any loves, other than music?

Dogs!! I love dogs!


Best advice ever given?

“You can not sing. You won’t ever make it as a singer. Just give up.” This was the best advice anyone could have ever given me because it lit a fire in my eyes and inspired me to overcome any and every obstacle. It made me more determined to work my butt off and do everything I could to develop my singing voice and to never ever give up no matter what!

What do you do in your spare time?

Work. Family Guy. Work. American Dad. Work.

Idea of a perfect Sunday?

Put me on a stage and it’s a perfect any day.

Do you support any charity?

I am an ambassador to the charity, A League of Extraordinary Mutts or LOEM. I support any charity which helps animals, children, women, the environment, people less fortunate in anyway and of course anything which promotes equality.

Where we can follow you?


Quote: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts-W.Chirchill

Or any quote which is accompanied by a half naked selfie seems to work well for most these days!

Travel Destination: Joshua Tree of course!!

Food: #GoVegan

Drink: H20

Club: Anywhere Dean May is at!

City for Party: Rio please! Book me so we can party!!!

Sports Team: Have to be loyal to my Miami Heat!