Jacqui Rubinoff is a Southern California-based young entrepreneur and co-founder of EYE OF LOVE, a high quality brand of pheromone infused products to enhance the everyday lifestyle, including perfumes and colognes, body sprays, candles, sunscreen, jewelry and more, for men and women, sold in over 20 countries. Pheromones can be used to attract others in both personal and professional contexts. eyeoflove.com

Hi Jacqui, please tell us a little about yourself?

I love to sing and play the guitar, dance, and go out to live music around LA! I grew up in San Diego and currently live in LA with my husband Lee. I am also a Certified Love Coach and Relationship Expert. My passion is to help people find love or enhance their current relationship.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My husband and high school sweetheart, Lee. He is my #1 cheerleader and always pushes me to dream bigger.

Best advice ever given?

“Don’t Hold Back!” This slogan started when I was a child and every time I had a dance competition my mom would tell me “Don’t Hold Back!” This translated into every area of my life to give 110%.

How did you get into your current industry creating consumer beauty and lifestyle products infused with pheromones?

My emphasis in university was in Family Studies. I’ve always been interested in relationships and was the go-to friend for relationship advice. My father, Alberto Chowaiki, founded Eye of Love in 2012 as a high quality pheromone line. At the time he was manufacturing and distributing only in international markets, so he asked me to come on board and take it to the next level. It was a perfect fit to combine my passion of helping people find love with a product.

Can you tell us a little about your company, Eye Of Love?

Eye of Love is a family-run company and our mission is to spread love around the globe. We create the finest quality pheromone products to enhance people’s daily lives including Pheromone Parfums, Massage Candles, Pheromone Body/Ambiance sprays, Pheromone Sunscreen, and our newly released line of Pheromone Jewelry. We constantly receive testimonials from people who met their soulmate after using our products and from those that feel so much more confident every day in their professional careers.

What part of your role do you find the most challenging?

The most challenging part is balancing my time. I wear many hats and I’m always juggling multiple moving parts at once.

The beauty and lifestyle market tends to be a very competitive one. How do you navigate these waters to lead such a successful brand?

We stay ahead of the trends and are constantly creating innovative and effective products. Aside from making high quality beauty products, we also add the finest quality pheromones to our products to give you an added advantage. What drives our business is our repeat customers. Once they have tried our pheromone infused products, it’s hard to go back.

Do you work with any celebrities that support your products?

The fabulous Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker is a big supporter and loves wearing our pheromones every day. We also just teamed up with Dr. Ava Cadell, Americas #1 Loveologist, to create a beautiful Pheromone Jewelry line that can be infused with our Pheromone Parfums.

What makes Eye of Love’s product offerings different from that of other brands?

Eye of Love products work on two levels: 1. Our unique fragrances to enhance the mood and 2. the specific pheromone to increase the attraction. Since smell is the strongest of the senses, we combine the pheromones with our sophisticated perfumes and other sensual items. Quality is the most important factor when choosing the right pheromone product for you. Many other brands use cheaper, lower grade pheromones and blends, often derived from animal products. We make it a number one priority to source only the highest quality ingredients available in the market. We also have a variety of different pheromone products for women to attract men, men to attract women, women to attract women, and men to attract men. The pheromone changes based on who you’re looking to attract.

What are some of your favorite products from your brand?

I love wearing Morning Glow Pheromone Parfum throughout my day. It is super fresh and floral and I get compliments every time I wear it. I’m also obsessed with our new two-tiered gold Pheromone Necklace. I haven’t taken it off!

How can your pheromone infused items be incorporated into one’s daily life?

If you are in a client facing profession, like retail or a real estate agent, you can wear our Pheromone Jewelry and spray it with your favorite Pheromone Parfum to get an added edge at work. If you’re at the beach or on vacation you can wear our pheromone sunscreen during the day. At night you can set the mood with our shea butter Pheromone Massage Candles and give your partner a sexy massage (and hopefully they’ll return the favor)!

Where we can buy Eye of Love’s products?

Eye of Love Products are sold in over 20 countries. Some of our chain retailers in the U.S. include Hustler Hollywood, Lovers Lane, Adam & Eve, Castle Megastore, Fairvilla, Romantix, and Cindies. You can also purchase from our website, eyeoflove.com.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Live in the moment” You can never be in the present if you let mistakes of the past or the unknown of the future hold you down.

What’s one of your strengths?

I am very intuitive when it comes to understanding people.

Do you have a role model?

My role models are my mother and father for their selflessness, work ethic, and love for each other and their family.

What’s next for Jacqui Rubinoff and the Eye of Love brand?

As a brand, continuing to create innovative products to enhance people’s daily lives. For me personally, I am going to help as many people as I can improve their love lives through personal coaching and group seminars.

Any advice to other successful women entrepreneurs out there like yourself?

Find your passion and go for it, Don’t Hold Back! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Where can our readers follow you?

My Instagram @JaxRubinoff Eye of love’s is @eyeoflove

Holiday Destination: Greece

Drink: Gin and Tonic with cucumber, mint, and lime.

Song: ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman