Jazzy France launches in the USA

A vegan and cruelty free beauty line made in France.

How did Jazzy France get started?

I have several beauty salons and spas with my then-partner James Cooper and he inspired me to tap into the cosmetic industry. I then traveled to Paris in search of an outstanding cosmetic manufacturer. So in 2009, Jazzy France was conceived. It was first launched in Manila, Philippines. I have since captured the market in Asia. Jazzy France’s aesthetics is for every woman, every color and race. The products are made in France and Jazzy France has recently launched in the USA and soon to hit Europe.

What inspired you to call the beauty line “Jazzy”

Jazzy is simple, fresh, clean and easy to remember and most importantly it is made in France.

I believe it resonates with our target audience.

The beauty industry is a very competitive market. How do you manage to have global success?

Tenacity, confidence and top-notch campaigns. I wear many hats as an entrepreneur and having Jazzy in my portfolio has been very rewarding for me. My other-half has been a tremendous help in making our businesses thrive. I am also blessed with an amazing daughter who happens to be an international make up artist. Frequently in Paris, she is in-charge of our trend forecasting and is definitely in-tuned with current beauty trends. We keep our clients happy and asking for more.

What makes the US market different from the European and Asian markets?

Each country has its own beauty trends and our team is on top of global trends.

It also has something to do with different skin tones therefore we create shades and colors that fit the aesthetics of each market.

Why makes your products different from the other beauty brands?

Jazzy France is a beauty line with a heart. It is vegan and cruelty-free.We create safe, none hazardous products that transform our clients into the best version of themselves. A portion of the profits are donated to a number of charitable foundations Jazzy France supports.

Your current campaign is getting a lot of media attention. What inspired this campaign?

The campaign was inspired by our vision and passion. Our publicist, Now PR in Los Angeles spearheaded the campaign along with our internal team and my daughter, who runs the Creative Division of the company. The reviews are excellent and this is how we know we are on the right track.

Where can we buy them in the US?

Online and social media. You will soon find us in Ulta, Sephora, Target and other leading beauty outlets.

We have a flagship store in Los Angeles where Jazzy products can be purchased.

Favorite beauty trends for fall and winter?

Fall would be earth tones and nudes.

Winter is glam and festive so Smokey colors and reds are favored.

Name your top three products.

Cream Foundation
Lip Shades
Eyebrow kit

When is the big launch event and where?

We will be celebrating our tenth year next year so February 2019 is our target date. Los Angeles and Asia.

What’s next for Jazzy France?

Global movement for Jazzy France is what’s next. A Revolution.

IG: @jazzyfrance
Tel: (626) 667.8417

Watch out for the holiday launch party! 

Press inquiries: @nowprla