Jean Marc just released his most recent single “Piel Canela” on February 14, the day of love and friendship.

Jean Marc is a Haitian singer of trap and reggaeton mixed with tropical rhythms who sings all his songs in Spanish and French since he was born in Haiti and grew up in the Dominican Republic. He loves both countries and wants to promote solidarity because he says that we are brothers and sisters regardless of the differences and political conditions of our countries, peace and solidarity are always the best answer.

The motto of his songs is always “je m’appelle Jean Marc”.

Jean Marc composes all his songs. He says he finds inspiration to write in everything that happens in his life, as well as in the simplest things he experiences.

A lover of music and art, this young artist wants to inspire others to follow their dreams and tells us that “in life we must take risks, but first of all we must believe in ourselves and in God.”

Jean Marc is about to release his new single called “Piel Canela”, a juvenile, fun and danceable French and Spanish theme whose video was shot at the Country House of the Dominican Republic.

His first song was also released in Spanish and French and is called ‘Conmigo‘.

Jean Marc is an adventurous guy who enjoys extreme sports riding motocross, flying paragliders, and is not afraid of risks.

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When did you find out you wanted to be a singer?

Since I have memory. I always have been interested in art in general, my mother would always wake up in the morning with music… she cultivated the love for art in all of us somehow, just by sharing her love and passion with us, by us I mean my 2 sisters my brother and myself. In 1995 my mother was murdered for defending and fighting for her beliefs, my father had to exile with us to the Dominican Republic, where we all grew up… We all felt devastated, I personally felt I was drowning in a cold and dark abyss, and I started writing to express myself. I wrote music but never shared it, until now, because I feel ready to embrace my life just as it is.

You live in Haiti. Are there a lot of opportunities there to make it big?

I still live in Dominican Republic, where I grew up after what happened to my family, I do visit Haiti very often, and feel very attached to my culture, which is why I decided to sing in both Spanish and French as a way to remind us that we are brothers and sisters, with different cultures but the same brave heart.

Do you have plans of moving to Los Angeles or any other city?

I do not have plans on moving yet, I love living in Dominican Republic, I love spending time at the beach, the mountains, the waterfall, I find inspiration in the smallest but yet perfect things in nature.

Eventually if I have to decide moving out from the Caribbean I would probably go to LA.

Your sister, Sarodj Bertin, is a well-known model. Does that open or closes any doors?

My sister and I are very close, we support each other and we are one, she is the most amazing and hard working women alive I Know, and I love her to death. I do believe that with all her experiences and contacts she is definitely a door opener for me.

What do you think of the explosion of reggaeton music?

I think Latin music in general has become extremely big, all kind of artists from all over the world now want to collaborate with Latin artists.

It’s our moment to shine, it was just a matter of time.

You just released your new single “Piel Canela” in French and Spanish. What is it about? 

I sing in French and Spanish because I love Haiti and Dominican Republic. That’s specific song was inspired in a girl, I only saw once but she robbed my heart with one smile, she was so beautiful and so perfect I got intimidated and did not approach her, I did regret it, but she stayed in my mind for so long, I had dreams of her, still don’t know her name but I know she is out there somewhere.

Jean Marc - Piel Canela (Video Oficial)

Do you prefer to sing in French or Spanish?

I like to mix the rhythm and the language I like describing my music as an explosion of culture.

What plans do you have for the future?

I am composing new music and getting ready for my album, can’t wait to share with the world, what I have written for so long and kept to myself.

Is there anything else you want to share?

Yes, I didn’t used to believe in myself, and I want to tell all those amazing and talented people reading this article, that life is one, and you have to take risks. Believe in yourself, you are better than you think.


Photographer: Lucas Rafael Mota @rafapcds_photography

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