Actor, writer, and comedian, Joey is quickly becoming one of the most sought after personalities in the entertainment industry today. At only 19 years old, he has already made a name for himself in the comedy world and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In 2015 Bragg can be seen starring on The Disney Channel’s hit series “Liv & Maddie” as Joey Rooney, brother of Liv and Maddie Rooney [played by Dove Cameron]. The show was renewed for a third season in April 2015.

On the film front Bragg recently wrapped production on indie feature THE OUTFIELD [Fullscreen Films] where he plays high school baseball star, Austin York. THE OUTFIELD is a coming of age story that follows three variety baseball players as they enter their senior year of high school, and try to navigate the next stages of life. The film also stars YouTube favorite Cameron Dallas and Vine sensation Nash Grier.

Aside from his work in television, film, and stand up comedy, Bragg recently wrapped up a major campaign for Nintendo entitled “The Bragg Report,” where he gave fans his views on the latest and greatest video games. He has also appeared in an XBOX viral video alongside Kevin Hart.

What has it been like to be part of Liv & Maddie cast?

The cast of Liv and Maddie is like one big family. Not only are the Rooney’s part of the family but Willow (Jessica Marie Garcia), Dump Truck (Shak Ghacha) and all the other heavily recurring guest stars have become very tightly knit.

What has been your most memorable experience from the Liv & Maddie set?

We have made almost three whole seasons of this crazy show. It is so hard to pick the most memorable moment. Getting rocketed around Ridgewood high was pretty memorable. But then we have things like our first ever live taping that was memorable for a whole bunch of other reasons. Also, I saw Ben King without his shirt on and I will never forget that.

How did you start on this show?

Well, I started this show when it was just a wee little pilot called Bits and Pieces. It was the same cast except Dove only played one character (Alana Fickman) and Cozi Zhuelsdorf played the other sister Crystal. My character’s name was Sticky. Yes, he was called Sticky because he was actually sticky. I am SOOOOOOO glad they changed my name to Joey.

Do you think there are some things you missed out on as a child because you started your career early?

I think that this business is an incredibly unique one. I have been in the “entertainment business” since I was in 7th grade doing Stand-up at least once a week. However, all my stand up was at night. I was fortunate enough to go to regular high school until I was a junior. When I would act or audition in LA, my dad and I would drive the five hour drive to LA from my home in Union City. I missed out on a lot of the normal high school experiences and the whole being a rebellious teen thing. However, I got A LOT of experiences that so many people don’t get to have. I was able to do stand-up alongside people I grew up idolizing. I spent so much quality time in the car with my dad just talking about everything. And now, I am supporting myself at a very young age and living with my soulmate. The things I had and have now out weigh the things I missed. So far at least.

What’s your dream role at the moment?

I have been an avid comic book reader since I could…well…read. I support Tom Holland as Spider-Man. I think I would have been good as Spider-Man too though. I’ll wait until I see Civil War to accurately say if I think I would have been better. There will be another reboot in a few years probably so I’ll just wait for that one to be casting.

Who are you looking forward to working with?

I would really love to work with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I have a life sized cutout of him in my room. I love him. Maybe we’ll work together in Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3: You’re My MANtle.

And about the film “The Outfield”, what the film is about and what role do play?

The film is a story of three friends who have all played in The Outfield together and as their final season comes to a close, they have to say goodbye and face what happens after high school. My character is Austin York. He is the optimist of the group, nothing is ever taken too seriously by him. I loved playing him. It is one of the first times I am playing a character who is 100% sure of who he is. He’s also the most handsome and charming one of the three, obviously.

At a very young age you already have your name for acting, writing and in comedy, how do you manage that?

Well, I started at a very young age but it was never a career choice. It was always just a hobby. I love to tell jokes and write down silly sketches just like that weird guy down the street loves his model train set. I never really thought of it as work, It just always felt like I was getting better and better at my hobby until BAM I have a career.

Acting, Comedy or writing?

I think stand-up will always be my passion. I love to act but I don’t feel as at home as I do when I am on stage with my own material.

What do you like to do on your free time?

I love to just sit on the couch cuddled up with my two kitties (Whoopi Goldpurr and Patricia ARcat) and watch a movie or a show. I know it sounds ridiculous but I feel like it is a part of my job to keep up with what’s on TV and watch classic movies. It’s like studying.

What do you like to watch on tv?

I have been watching a lot of Archer recently because my girlfriend has never seen it. I love Archer. I try to watch as much TV as I can. No reality. I love what everyone loves, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Rick and Morty. I think Netflix and Hulu and all other streaming services are killing it with their programming.

3 things you can’t leave your house without?

Pretty straight forward. Keys, Wallet, and cellphone.

If those are included. Lightsaber, Kitty in baby bjorn, and a positive attitude.

Who is your favorite Actor/Actress and why?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I think he is an incredible person and an incredibly good actor. I think all he needs is the right role and he has got an Oscar and a big Joey hug coming his way.

What do you see in your future five years from now?

I would have never guessed I would be where I am today five years ago. That being said. I would love to be the host of a late night sorta talk show. I think that’s a good place for me to be. I think a perfect mix of, improv, sketch, and stand-up is where I belong. Plus, I like the sitting aspect of the whole deal.

Tell us something that people don’t know about you?

Well, I am a pretty open book. Most people don’t know that I have played ice hockey since the age of 6. I love the sport. My Peewee team won California State Champions. I know being the best ice hockey team in CALIFORNIA probably isn’t that impressive, but you should see that sweatshirt I got.

Where we can follow you?


Twitter – @JoeyBragg

Instagram – @JoeyBragg


Favorite Movie: The Avengers. I mean, C’mon, it’s the Avengers.

Photo Credit: Isaac Sterling Photography