Hailing from Montpellier, Joris Delacroix has spent the last 7 years securing his reputation as one of the smoothest producers in the game. Now the French Deep/Tech House phenomenon is back with a two-track Beatport bundle that’ll knock you for six. With his forthcoming ‘Backinbizness’ EP set for release on April 6 via Panthéon, you can grab the first two tracks exclusively on Beatport now!


Listen Backinbizness on SoundCloud

Without hesitation, Delacroix throws listeners right in the deep end with his selection of dark and delicious beats. The EP’s title track ‘Backinbizness’ kicks things off with a pounding bassline, piano chords, and distorted electronic vocals, seamlessly infusing elements of funk and rock, resulting in a complex and catchy production. The second track, ‘Condescendance’, leads listeners on a progressive musical journey throughout its 8 minute-duration, exploring a concoction of digital warble, trance undertones and a dark rhythm, to create a track that brims with texture at every turn.

Experimenting with a wide range of electronic styles, Joris has produced a multitude of diverse edits and originals throughout his career, released across a variety of notable imprints. This ‘Backinbizness’ bundle foreshadows what the future has in store for fans, and further cements his position as a versatile and exhilarating producer. Get ready for the release of the full EP on the April 6, when Joris truly gets back to business!