Kama Fiji™ Announces the New CBD Organic HIBISCUS Collection


Kama Fiji™ a California-based island lifestyle company offers the highest quality, organic health and beauty care products that are made by hand using raw, organic ingredients imported from the Fiji Islands.

Founded by entrepreneur Sam Tayyari, Kama Fiji™ recently announced the HIBISCUS Collection, a series of specially infused cannabis spa products.

Handmade with wild crafted, organic ingredients, imported from distant villages in Vanua Levu and Vorovoro Island Fiji, this cream is cold-pressed and raw. The ingredients are carefully removed from their natural habitat and used to create an amazingly pure cream.

The HIBISCUS Collection by Kama Fiji™ was created to capture attention for its core philanthropic purposes within the exciting and rapidly cannabis industry in America, opting to create a special line of cannabis infused spa products.

HIBISCUS uses CBD, or cannabidiol, a compound in cannabis that has medical effects but lacks THC and does not make people feel “stoned.” The CBD-rich care products make an appealing treatment option for people seeking anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, without harmful or often unpronounceable ingredients.

Kama Fiji™ HIBISCUS Collection is fast becoming a leader in the cannabis topical industry and a favorite of the most discriminating of buyers.


About Its History

Kama Fiji™ was conceived years ago during Sam’s travels to the islands of Fiji.  Opting for 50¢ bus rides and friendly conversations with the locals, Sam and his team ventured away from the resorts, and opted for home stays across the islands.


“Eating, sleeping, and living alongside the Fijians brought about many opportunities for learning and cultural exchange, stated Tayarri.

Why do consumers put so many chemical-laced potions from the Western world all over our bodies? It seems simple enough that this one ingredient, coconut, was being used in so many ways. Kama Fiji™ was born. Sam noted that it wouldn’t just be a brand or company, it would be a functional reflection of the synchronicity between culture and nature.

Coconuts are a central fixture of South Pacific and Fijian culture. Coconuts can be consumed as food for their juice and flesh, their leaves used for mat weaving and roof thatching, and the empty shells as cups and bowls. And if that wasn’t kind enough of the Earth, then surely pressing the flesh to extract the finest and purest form of oil known to mankind certainly is. Sam’s team quickly learned what the Fijians meant by the phrase “as good as a coconut.”


When you use Kama Fiji™ products, you are using the safest and finest quality ingredients in the world. Not only do you do good for your body, but you directly help create income and awareness for some of the most remote locations and cultures on Earth.

Sam was kind of enough to answer a short Q and A for our Naluda Editors

Q: Can you share more information on your Hibiscus Line?

A: The HIBISCUS line is a CBD oil infused line of skin care topicals and products. The products are produced with wild crafted ingredients, which means they are plucked from their natural habitats in distant islands across Fiji.

Q: What is your best seller?

A: Our new 25mg CBD infused Organic Healing Mini Cream, the small pocked size version of our best-selling 200mg Organic Healing Cream.

Q: What are the medicinal effects of the CBD oils?

A: Our products are being used by our customers to manage pain in their joints and muscles. They are also using it to combat skin rashes, eczema, and lupus sores. The CBD oil also contains incredible properties for treating acne and reducing the appearance of scars.

Q: Can you share with our readers how you are helping the Fiji Island’s through your venture?

A: We are helping the local villages by enabling them to earn a living by purchasing ingredients at an above market rate price. Also, a portion of all proceeds will go towards providing free internet access and instruction to students in Northern Fiji.

Q. What is your background and what prompted you to develop these lines?

A: We developed Kama Fiji to create products that replace many common, daily use products that are filled with chemicals and non-natural elements. The Fijians combine many aspects of nature into their daily lives, and we shared their affinity for healthy, natural living.

Q: Do you sell online or in any retail establishments?

A: We sell most of our products on our website KamaFiji.com and currently have our products available at several medical marijuana dispensaries in Southern California, including TLMD and NoHo’s Finest in Los Angeles, CA.

Q: Any new announcements for the summer of 2015?

A: Yes! We will be building our first production workshop in Fiji to help with the procurement and sorting of our ingredients. This workshop will also be creating bee- hive boxes for land owners and farmers across Northern Fiji, supplying us with plenty of local, fresh honey and beeswax for our products. We are creating jobs and building tribes on both side of the Pacific with no end in sight.

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