Most of us would agree that, while our bathrooms are basically clean (toilets, tubs, sinks, and the like) they are not necessarily clutter-free. In fact, with the fast pace of life happening day in and day out, it can seem almost impossible to keep things straightened up and in some kind of recognizable order.

But we aren’t just talking about any kind of order; we mean organizing bathroom items in a neat, tidy manner that is also easy to maintain, with little to no effort. Even our teens should have enough simple access to clean up their mess in the bathroom that they have no excuse for ever leaving it a mess. Well, if you are anything like me, you know that this is a difficult task, both to get started and to keep going.

Whether you are a mother with two or more children (sometimes this includes your spouse!) or you are a single man that is constantly pressed for time, you are probably more than aware that the bathroom is one of the most cluttered or messy rooms in the house. Toothpaste in the sink, whiskers on the counter, and a variety of cosmetics and/or shaving products and soaps seem to have taken up residence only inches from their original homes, and it appears that those items intend to squat in those places for eternity. Well, here are four simple tips to help you organize your bathroom and keep it that way, eliminating the embarrassment that comes from drop-in company who always seem to have to ‘go’.

Tip 1. Eliminate old tools of hygiene, such as razors, and the likes

Many of us hoard a bit; it can be difficult to get rid of things because you never know when you might want or need them. But old razors rust, cosmetics expire to our detriment, and toothbrushes? Well, we could all use extra tools to scrub the toilet base better from time to time, so there is never a real need to throw the old ones out. Just put them in the cleaning bucket in the utility closet.

It’s time to buckle down and begin to toss things out. But keep in mind that much of the clutter you are trying to eliminate consists of all the things that surround the bathroom sink and vanity. Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply have a vanity area that was conducive to order? Well, they are out there, and you can find the perfect one for the needs of your family. You can find more information a wide variety of bathroom vanity options which are available to you right away online (click here). Regardless of your personal taste, color preferences, and/or organizational needs, will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. You will be amazed when you discover some of the choices available to you and how they provide you with beautiful ways to tidy up by eliminating unneeded items.

Tip 2. Go through the kids’ things and use organizers for what doesn’t have to go

More than likely you are going to discover that an atrocious amount of your kids’ bathroom items are either ages old or worn out completely. Also, kids have a tendency to use things and then simply leave them lying around on the counter around the sink or on the back of the toilet. Anything that is used up, worn out, or that simply have no designated ‘home’ can be disposed of or better organized. For the things they do use that are always out making more clutter, visit a dollar store or big box place and you will find small organizers with little compartments and holes that are made for the sole purpose of organizing our bathroom products; even shops like Goodwill have an abundance of these for next-to-nothing prices. You can also purchase or make racks to hold curling irons, blow dryers, and other electric appliances. Kids love these, and they will be excited about using them. This means that cleanup, for you, gets much easier.

Tip 3. Get different organizers or designated cupboard shelves for each family member; mark the organizer or space with their name, or let them do it themselves

Size should depend on the available counter space you have in your bathroom, and should be proportionate to the number of people in your family. Getting your kids involved in the project will help solidify the changes you want to make. Getting different organizers for each person’s personal items seems to make it real for them, and letting them decorate their own will get them in the mood to cooperate.

Tip 4. Layout strong guidelines for your family which make your expectations clear when it comes to the organization of their belongings in the bathroom

Once you have gotten everything tossed out, and the needed things properly organized, it’s time for the family meeting to take place. Show your family what you have done, and emphasize how great everything looks and how easy it is to find things. Be sure you are clear on the ‘once you use it, put it back immediately, in its proper organizer’ rule. Also, if appropriate, make sure they understand there may be consequences for lack of compliance.

After this, all you can do is be consistent yourself. You must set the example by practicing what you preach. If you want things put away directly after use, then demonstrate that behavior purposefully; others will follow suit. You must also stand by your word if your children do not follow the newly given ‘law’. Follow through with confidence and be consistent; that is what it takes to change habits and make things better in your home. Soon, you will discover that bathroom clutter is really a thing of the past. Now maybe you can get them to understand about picking up their rooms.