Cannabis products are now more accessible than before. This is because hemp and hemp-derived CBD products are usually legal, especially at the federal level. In short, you can easily access recreational and medical cannabis in most states. Even better, there are many other states that are now considering legalizing marijuana for recreational use by the adults.

With evidence of the health benefits and expanding cannabis products, many people are now considering buying marijuana for the first time. The good news is that buying marijuana is quite easy, but you need to consider several factors before you purchase these products from marijuana dispensaries in Phoenix. This article explains the key factors to consider before buying marijuana online.

There are several strains 

Part of the reason why purchasing marijuana may seem overwhelming is that online dispensaries usually provide several kinds of marijuana. These types of marijuana are called strains, and there are many of them on the market.

Instead of differentiating them by their THC or even CBD content, these strains can be categorized by their terpenes. The terpenes refer to the aromatic oils that provide different smells and tastes. Different terpenes are usually recommended for specific effects.

For example, citrus-like terpenes are believed to be energizing and more herbal-smelling strains are regarded to be more relaxing. Remember that different strains may affect people in various ways, though they can have quite similar makeups.

It’s worth noting that marijuana has also another distinction besides the strains. You see, marijuana plants are divided into two major subspecies which are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis sativa. So these two types vary in their characteristics and chemical makeup.

Sativa plants tend to have higher THC content but lower cannabidiol content. On the other hand, indica plants usually have lower THC and higher CBD content. Remember that THC is the key psychoactive ingredient that is found in marijuana and CBD is non-psychoactive. Therefore, depending on your preferences and effect from utilizing marijuana, a dispensary can recommend either a sativa or indica, or even a hybrid between the two.

That said, you need to know that marijuana plants can also be cross-bred to produce hybrids. These hybrids are half between sativa and indica, but you can also find hybrids that have different percentages.

People react to marijuana differently 

To find the right marijuana that meets your needs, it involves some trial and error. Every person can react to marijuana differently depending on several factors, such as medical condition, overall health, genetics, tolerance, and many more.

There are many people out there who experience marijuana differently. Therefore, you need to get recommendations from publications, friends, and even dispensary staff, though it may be hard to find the right strain that works well for you.

Buying marijuana based on the amount of THC is like shopping for drinks based on their alcohol content. The flavors, aromas, and effects of a marijuana plant can affect your experience on marijuana. And, many of these plants have the effects that originate from a combination of over 100 other cannabinoids that are in cannabis apart from THC.