Hi Kim please tell us a little about yourself?

As a young girl growing up in Florida, I was wonderstruck at the thought of traveling the globe. My youth was about exploring and discovering. From riding the surf at the beach, to the heat of the sun and warm, salty ocean, to sailing the rivers, I remember the scent of the river breeze billowing the white sails and the sound of the water lapping the hull of my family sailing boat with the aroma of freshly oiled teak wafting in the air. I have always been grounded, open and honest – honest to a fault! I am a bohemian alchemist, in search for what my world has to offer…

What’s your background?

I started my brand out of passion for aromatherapy and perfume. With no previous experience in the field, I started mixing drops of essential oils for friends and family. Once this became a demand I knew I had something.

Tell us a little about your perfumes?

Every fragrance has its own unique story…Its own destination, authentically where are the creator is herself.

Noche del Fuego, meaning “Night of Fire,” A hypnotizing scent inspired by ancient terraced landscapes and an encounter with Spanish fire dancers during an idyllic escape to Majorca. Doux Amour, meaning “Sweet Love,”

Doux Amour was developed while on a journey to Morocco. A perfume poem, sweet and gentle, yet sensual… redolent of warm Moroccan nights.

Sole Nero, Sunny Italian Grapefruit is imbued with a precious spice accord of White Pepper and Cumin. Enveloped by tender Musk and comforting notes of Sandalwood, Almond and Vanilla, Solé Nero evokes fond memories of loved ones near and far.

Beso Del Mar, meaning “Kiss of the Sea” is a fresh, clean light scent inspired by sunsets in Cabo San Lucas at the Las Ventantas.

How did you start the business?

I have turned that wanderlust into real life exotic adventures, jet setting the globe for inspiration… inadvertently encountering a few sensual experiences along the way which had led to beautiful friendships throughout my voyages. I want to inspire people; I want to transport them to places they have only dreamed of…these journeys are reflected in my beautiful collection of fragrances.

Where we can buy them?

You can purchase Spadaro House of Fragrances online at Spadaro.co. On the website you will also find boutique locations throughout the US where Spadaro has made its mark.

What is the key to your success?

My source of strength comes from my foundation. Stay grounded, stay focus and always believe in yourself.

What has been the most challenging year so far?

Last year I was unexpectedly diagnosed with a benign tumor in the lining of the brain, Dr. Wharen and a multidisciplinary team of experts from The Mayo Clinic successfully removed the tumor and saved my olfactory nerve. As an alchemist-fragrance designer this brain tumor could have impacted my sense of smell and taste and could have detoured my life…my passion, my career. One year later and my sense of smell is even more sharpened and intensified. I am unstoppable and continued my journey of healing, self-discovery, relationship building, and research throughout the globe; Japan, Bali, Abu Dhabi, Oman, the French Riviera, Athens, Santorini and now my upcoming trips scheduled for June – Capri, St Tropez and Malaga. I love to live.

Do you have a role model?

My father is 81and continues to work as a consultant for the FAA, he enjoys his work as much as I like mine, he’s my number one supporter and fan. My mother is my Keeper. . . she’s is my inspiration. She’s never far. She comes to me in unexpected ways…she watches over me throughout her travels. She passed on 1/11/11. She will forever encourage me.

What’s your favorite quote?

I write my own quotes. It’s hard to pick just one… here is one of my favorites: “I have an INSATIABLE appetite to live life full of love and passion. To wander endlessly into destinations I’ve never been before and bring back unscripted authentic stories that entice your imagination and your sense of wonder and love. Inspirational stories that ignite the alchemy of my perfumes” – Kim Spadaro

How do you spend your spare time?

I love to explore local fresh markets. I buy fresh flowers weekly. I enjoy entertaining where I can display unusual exotic oils. I cook for my children. I distress and paint furniture until its originality comes out. I sit outside my back patio with a cup of hot tea and listen to the birds. I keep my body and soul healthy through Pilates and my personal trainer. My spare time is my company, it’s my passion. I am thankful for what I accomplished and I enjoy it every second.

Are you involved in philanthropy?

My philosophy of having a brand that gives back was at the heart of establishing “The Spadaro Foundation”. For each product sold in the line, 4% will go to the “Foundation” for allocation at years end. My involvement with various charities throughout the years and working with the local Woman’s Board for the Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital, has awarded me first hand experience of making a difference. Both domestic and abroad, SPADARO will reach out to those with greatest needs.

Any future plans?

I will be introducing a new fragrance inspired by my soulful trip to Bali… I call is KASMARAN. My finger print. My breath. Impressions from my soul. The mysterious oasis of this exotic land. The incense of offerings. The spirituality of temples… Sensuality of desire, and the rhythm of the sea. “Kasmaran”…. Fall in love. Dream. Come away with me… – Kim Spadaro

How important is Social Media for your business?

Social media is a huge attribute to my brand. It has pinned me globally with international contacts. It keeps me alive. I have encountered numerous business contacts through my inspirational posts. I have many followers who have reached out to me about how I have changed their lives following my branch mission statement and philosophy. My brand is a lifestyle. I share moments in my time, share memories, my travels and silliness in this crazy world we live in. Where sometimes despair can overcome, people are attracted to happy moments. I am me. I am transparent – you soon will see.

Where we can follow you?

SPADARO PERFUME or KIM SPADARO :: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube or…catch me at Capri this Summer….

Best book: Stolen Lives

Food: Anything fresh, caught right off the boat! I am a foodie, watch me eat! Fresh produce from the local markets, homemade sauces, traditional ingredients mixed with new age. I love to explore. There’s not a food item I met that I have not liked.

Travel destination: I’m taking a summer hiatus to the Italian Riviera (Capri) and Barcelona region. Catch me in Europe for all of June and July – follow my journey… It never stops.

Movie: Eat, Love Pray

Restaurant: My local spot: Eleventh South Bistro

Sports Team: Boston Red Sox!

Do you have any pets?

I’m the segregate mother for my daughter’s teen cat, Kitty who just had a litter of 3 kittens… Waking up at all hours of the night, bottle feeding, cleaning after them and keeping them safe…I feel like I’m back with my young babies again. I love every minute of it – even with the endless nights and lack of sleep!