Author of the book Subconscious Power, Kimberly Friedmutter CHt is a certified hypnotherapist, a member at large of the prestigious UCLA Health System Board, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the Association for Integrative Psychology, the American Board of Neurolinguistics Programing, and the International Hypnosis Federation. She is also a certified Master Hypnotist and a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer, as well as a ‘Dame de la Chaîne’ of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Kimberly is currently in private practice, dividing her time between Nevada and California, serving high-performing clientele who share her philosophy: “Expect the exceptional.”

Kimberly is a former model and actress, appearing with Bryan Cranston, John Stamos, and Olympia Dukakis in such films as Evil Obsession, Time Under Fire, A Match Made in Heaven, The Russian Godfather, and Elvis Is Alive! She has also appeared in television programs, including Entertainment Tonight, CNN, FOX, TLC, BBC, The Doctors, Bethenny, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, Art Breakers, Silk Stalkings, L.A. Heat, LateLine, and hosted a hit talk show on the Howard Stern station, KLSX 97.1 radio in Los Angeles.

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Hi Kimberly, please tell us a little about you? 

I’m a trailblazing Texan who found my way into a career I never would have imagined. My life has been like that, though. I say yes to just about everything and so I’ve had a lot of careers and interests in life.

Describe yourself in 3 words? 

Laughing, crying, curious

Who was your role model as a child? 

Anyone with amazing hair!  At that time, it was Farrah Fawcett.

How did you get started in your business? 

I had a talk radio show in Los Angeles on KLSX 97.1 FM, the Howard Stern station. I decided to learn about hypnosis and I was hooked!

Tell us what is a hypnotherapist? 

A hypnotherapist is a guide. With the right direction and compass, a hypnotist will guide a client through a journey, separating the conscious mind (through an induction or relaxation technique) from the subconscious mind. The subconscious is where the work of a hypnotherapist is done.

When did you decided to pursue this career? 

Decades ago, I couldn’t deny the shifts in behavior I not only experienced myself but saw in others, that prior to hypnotherapy were not occurring.

Do you work with A-listers, Politicians or CEO’s? 

Yes, I love high performers! The more accustomed clients are to accomplishment the quicker I see shifts made with more ease. I love to work with clients who have seasoned imaginations and high expectations.  They do more, quicker!

How has this experience changed your life? 

Every client has something special to offer that is a take-away for me.  They will tell you that they are the receivers but it really works both ways.  Yet another reason why working with high performers is my preference.  They share insights, philosophies and inevitably we end up being friends.

What is the most rewarding part of your work? 

When someone texts or emails a note of gratitude for our work together.  What it means to me is that it touched their soul and that is a gift each and every time I receive one. It literally brings me to my knees in joy.

How do you manage your busy work life and a family?  

My husband and I stay super flexible and we set our home up to run like a hotel, in the sense that it doesn’t matter if we are home or not, it is run the same regardless. We literally come in with our bags, regroup and head out again when necessary. I’m lucky because Brad is light on his feet, easy to roll in and out of a hectic schedule.

Now tell us about your upcoming book and where we can buy it? 

Subconscious Power – Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted, is available at book retailers nationwide on April 9! Of course you can pre-order it now. The book shares Six Principles I’ve developed during my career and offers amazing 3-minute exercises, hypnotic hacks and covers a broad range of issues plus performing enhancement tools! Who doesn’t want to find the best parking spaces or lost items around the house? What if you knew someone was good for you or not, the minute you shake their hand? These are the kinds of practical but life changing tricks i teach so your life can become easier, less stressful.

Biggest beauty inspiration? Why?  

Less stress is my biggest beauty inspiration because when it comes to beauty, a clean and clear state of mind keeps us beautiful.  You can literally read stress like a sign on someone’s face.  When we are free of stress ( I cover this in the book) we are more attractive. No amount of make up or high end beauty product or treatment can do for the face what a stress-free look can do.

How is a normal day in your life? 

I’m a super early riser and early to bed. After Brad and I wake up, we watch a movie and have coffee.  We lay in bed and ease into the day. Around 6 or 6:30 a.m we get started either on our phones, computers or hop on a plane and head out. Either way, it ends with another film or documentary in the evening and by 9 or 10 p.mwe’re done.

Name one your strengths? 


Idea of a perfect Sunday? 

Nothing to do

Best advice ever given? 

So what!

Name 3 things you can’t live without? 

My hubby, my dogs, my friends

What is your favorite healthy food? 

Grilled romaine lettuce

And your favorite cheat food? 

Carrot cake

How would you describe your fashion style? 


Any other plans that you want to share with us? 

I’m writing more books!  Hypnosis is so profound and applies to so many aspects of life, I literally can’t stop writing about it!

What is your own definition of happiness? 

Contentment. I guess some call it peace.  When you stop looking for ecstatic highs and truly settle into yourself, your divinity . . .there is a level of comfort and joy that rests there. I like that.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

5-7 books more on my desk, published!

Favorite song? 

Bittersweet Symphony


Because it’s my go-to karaoke song to sing!

Do you support any charities?

Ogden Foundation, Three Square, Keep Memory Alive/Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, UCLA Health System Board member at large

What do you think of Social Media? 

It’s a tricky thing right now.  I definitely don’t see my friends face to face as much because of it . . . we feel like we visit more because of all the imagery but I do worry about those growing up now, never knowing what it was like in the world without it.

Where we can follow you? 

Facebook: Kimberly Friedmutter
Instagram and twitter @kimfriedmutter (newsletter sign-up)

Quote: Give yourself permission; no one else will

Motto: Expect the Exceptional

Movie: Inglorious Bastards

Travel Destination: Bora Bora

Sports Team: Cowboys but in 2020 Raiders in Las Vegas

Tv Show: SharkTank

Book: Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted (not kidding!)