Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill hosted an impromptu Q&A with fans Twitter last weekend, in which he offered up new details about the band’s forthcoming album, and predicted which of the four Followills is the best beer pong player in the group.

When asked by @superpanda11 which previous album the new project is most like, Followill responded “Vibe/feeling could be compared to the first couple. It’s much more musically complicated though, so I’d have to say the last 2.”

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Kings of Leon announced earlier this spring that they expected to release their “youthful” sounding sixth LP in September. Followill played coy with information about specific songs, teasing that among his favorites, “The ones I’m most proud of are the hardest to play. So it’s hard to say,” to user @RPDband.

Although Kings of Leon don’t play a lot of beer pong, that didn’t stop the youngest Followill from speculating on who among them would have the best skills. “We’ve never played it, but I win at everything, so me,” he said in response to @TaylorLocklin.

Followill also shared with user @4_rana (and the rest of the Twitter world) intimate details about what his stripper name would be: “The [sic] called me Liberty Bell in high school. So probably that.”

Kings of Leon will be playing a handful of summer dates, including a headlining spot at Governor’s Ball on June 6th in New York.