There are instances wherein unfortunate circumstances such as vehicular accidents or trips and falls lead to serious injuries that may render you unable to work while you take the time to heal. You can get compensated when these mishaps happen. The money that you are entitled to receive is intended to cover for your medical expenses or the income that you have lost. Cases like this fall under the personal injury law and there are seasoned lawyers who specialize in these types of cases.

While the basic concept is the same, certain specific details of the law may vary from one state or country to another such as in LA and Australia

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, a personal injury claim is considered as a civil case that involves a plaintiff, or the person claiming to be injured and a defendant, or the person, company, or organization held responsibly. The cases are generally filed in the civil division of the Superior Court but cases with lower claims are often filed in the small claims division. The case is often reviewed by a lawyer first before it is filed in any of these divisions. Once your case is accepted, it will be under a contingency basis wherein your lawyer is duly paid only after you have been rewarded for your claim.

Personal injury lawyers in LA handle a wide variety of personal injury cases which include claims because of car accidents, slips, trips and falls, dog bites, and even product liability to name a few. The law experts behind believe that it is important to contact an attorney immediately in case you see your case as a probable personal injury claim. The reason behind this is that defendants such as insurance companies, will attempt to settle before you bring your case to court by offering you a tiny fraction of what you can actually be compensated for.


In Australia, in order to be eligible for a personal injury claim, you need to be able to prove that the person or organization who was responsible for your mishap could have done something to prevent the accident leading to your injury. In this case, you need to hire the services of a lawyer to better represent you in court. Your lawyer will be the one responsible for filing your claim and ensuring that you receive the necessary benefits for your injuries. However, you need to work with your lawyer in gathering all the evidence related to your case and you also need to be in constant communication with them. The entire claim process can take anywhere between half a year to a whole year.

There are notable similarities between the personal injury law and the claim process between LA and Australia. In both jurisdictions, you need to prove that the cause of your accident could have been prevented. The only difference perhaps is the specific types of cases handled because there are accidents that occur only in LA and there are also specific types of accidents that occur only in Australia.