Taking care of yourself, especially your skin is something that will never go out of fashion. But if you really want to talk about a full-blown, all-around skincare routine, then nothing beats the Korean take on it. This is why we’re going to introduce what the Korean skincare routine is all about.

The Korean skincare routine involves 10 steps to get you an all-around, thorough caring and cleaning effect for your skin, just the way it should be done. If you’ve never heard of it before, then you’ll find a beauty and lifestyle blog that will certainly give you an insight through a couple of blogs and reviews. This way, you’ll become better acquainted with the process and understand why it is so effective. What we’re going to do is go into the details of each step so that you can apply it to your skincare regimen as well.

Cleanse Twice

This skincare regiment believes that cleansing twice is the only way to really get rid of all the impurities that have been collecting on your face. Once with an oil-based washing facial wash, and once with the foam-based option to get rid of any remaining impurities that the oil-based option didn’t take care of.


You need to get the right kind of exfoliator for your skin type. It has small particles in it that allow a deeper clean for your skin, while getting rid of any excess dead skin that may be present.

Use Toner

Most of us should be familiar with toner, and this needs to be used using a cotton pad to gently apply it to. It basically helps to balance the pH levels in your skin.

Apply Essence Serum

Essence serum moisturizes the skin, but on a much lighter level. The Korean skincare routine generally promotes layering in different kinds of extremely light moisturizers so that the skin is allowed to breathe throughout the process, avoiding clogged pores and acne alike.

A Layer of Emulsion

This is yet another layer to add to the moisturizing process. The emulsion is usually a little bit thicker than essence, so it’s important that you either find the correct emulsion for your skin type or opt to pass on it altogether if you have really oily skin.

The Option of Ampoules & Serums

Ampoules and serums come next, but you have to keep in mind that these are concentrated versions of the moisturizing factor. You need to really know your skin and perhaps experiment a couple of times on a small patch of skin with it comes to ampoules and serums, just to make sure that it works well with your skin type.

Put on a Mask

The next step is a sheet mask that is pretty much covered in even more serum! It’s important that you understand by now that the secret to the Korean skincare routine is that piling on the care and moisture in the best way possible. The mask helps to add yet another layer, and also insulate the layers that you had put on initially.

Eye Cream

It’s never too soon to start taking care of the skin that surrounds your eyes. This is the most sensitive skin and is prone to wrinkling early on, and can be very sensitive to damage if not handled with care. The next thing you need to do is apply eye cream around your eye. Make sure that you dab it and not rub it in.


The moisturizing cream is the last layer of moisture that you need to put on in the Korean ten-step routine. The reason for this is that the moisturizer seals in the remaining layers, to ensure that they are effective.

Sunscreen / Night Cream

Depending on whether you are doing this at night or in the morning, you will either put some sunscreen or night cream on, so that you can protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, or have the night cream work its magic as you sleep.

There is a reason that these 10 steps have become so popular in the beauty industry. It is because it has actually extremely effective in protecting your skin, and also rejuvenating it. It’s necessary because we expose our skin to so much pollution that it’s bound to get damaged. By following this routine religiously, you’re bound to see the effects almost immediately. The key is to always invest incredible products that won’t damage your skin, so don’t compromise on quality when it comes to any of these products.