Then It’s Time for Advice From a Highly Acclaimed Matchmaker in Her New Book:

Next! A Matchmaker’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right, Ditching Mr. Wrong, and Everything In Between


Next! by Barbara Summers with Carey Blakely is a new book hitting the shelves this Valentine’s Day. The editors at Naluda chose to feature this book as it offers a wealth of advice designed to help women at any stage of a relationship.

Next! guides women through the cycle of love, providing a road map for what to expect and do from dating all the way through divorce and back again to dating. It doesn’t matter what your past experiences have been, good or bad — what matters is moving forward to the next phase of your love life. Using humor, compassion and straight-up advice, Next! will have women of all ages laughing at themselves while learning how to handle relationship challenges with confidence.

Summers’ matchmaking experience has taught her that there are many “someones” out there for everyone, but love starts first and foremost with oneself. This dynamic book also covers the do’s and don’ts of dating and relationships with topics such as:

Meeting someone new & preparing for a first date
Forging a new relationship
Evaluating whether it’s working
Keeping a relationship fiery in the bedroom and beyond
Making the leap into marriage and children
Recognizing red flags & moving on when all signs point to the door
Recovering from a breakup to love another day


Next! incorporates many anecdotes from Summers’ matchmaking clients’ experiences, as well as her own adventures in relationships, to expand upon the advice provided. The book’s ultimate goal is to help women overcome their fears and stumbling blocks by teaching them the skills and attitudes needed to make the best decisions at every stage of the relationship cycle. No woman should ever feel like she is stuck or has to “settle.” There is always the next step, the next choice, the next attitude or the next love interest to keep you moving forward with your romantic life!

Since launching her professional matchmaking business Healthy Professional Singles in 1986, Barbara Summers has matched hundreds of couples into marriage. She also works as a relationship coach and has led seminars and workshops on topics such as how to keep a relationship hot, handling a divorce, and identifying what you’re looking for in a partner. She has been a guest on national and local radio and television. Barbara lives in the San Diego area with her husband.

Don’t spend another Valentine’s Day with friends or the wrong date. It’s time to take that leap and find your match. Barbara Summers’ years of successful matchmaking experience will help guide you to your Next true love.

“Whatever stage of the ‘romance life cycle’ you find yourself in, Barbara Summers’ excellent advice . . . will encourage and inspire you to take the next steps towards a more joyful intimate life.” ANNE DOYLE, Author of POWERING UP! How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders

Next! is available on and coming to bookstores February 10, 2015.