Last Minute DIY Halloween Ideas by Violent Lips! 
(Designed Temporary Tattoo Make Up Appliques) 
Chemical-free, smudge proof and long-lasting!
Your make up stays in place! 
Stylish & Flawless!  Make Up in Less Than 5 Min! 


Price Points: Violent lips $9.99 for a set of three, and Violent Eyes $9.99 for a sets of 8 that features 4 eyeliner styles
Where you can find Violent Lips and Violent Eyes?  
Online at www.Violentlips.com  
Los Angeles: Ultra, Urban Outfitters, Kitson, Fred Segal, It’s Sugar
New York City: SXRE, Urban Outfitters, Rickys NYC, It’s Sugar, Spencer’s Gifts
Violent Lips includes 7 different glitter lipstick applications and is continually increasing with popularity since it’s launch in 2011.
Violent Eyes are customizable appliques that fit all eye shapes and sizes, and boost a smudge proof formula that last up to 16 hours. Violent Eyes comes available with a variety of 8 appliqués and 4 featured eyeliners.
Twitter : @violentlips
Instagram: @violentlips