HENSI MORRIS of Lipstick Sister

Hensi Morris, founder and president of the national women’s organization, Lipstick Sister, is a woman who thrives on helping other women thrive. She combined her extensive professional background in PR and marketing with her far-reaching social network to create a transformational platform for women to learn to interact with each other in a healthier way – with genuine, unwavering support and solidarity in cities where those two qualities are exceedingly rare or fleeting.

Los Angeles-based elite matchmaking company and Lipstick Sister partner brand Beyer & Company, raves, “Hensi is continually expanding our incredible network of highly-desirable women. Her decade of communications’ experience include five years at the forefront of her own boutique PR agency. This has afforded her access to incredible individuals around the globe who allow her to call on them as resources when staging social events.”


Hensi’s unique gift of connecting likeminded people in a way that cultivates lasting relationships has accelerated her career in a variety of industries including finance, business, entertainment, design, law and philanthropy – and eventually led to her full-time pursuit of blossoming the Lipstick Sister brand. This national, ultra-exclusive membership-based organization is built on the foundational idea of the importance of female peers collaborating creatively, rather than competing, for success in business. It has grown through the power of loving, respecting and supporting one another as women, personally and professionally.

The vision for the organization was formed from Hensi’s own experiences in rising to success professionally, while experiencing a simultaneous shift in negativity and lack of support amongst the women in her life she had previously viewed as family. She saw a glaring deficit in the world of an independent, driven businesswoman, and she decided to fill that void by creating Lipstick Sister. When asked how this group differs from other female-based organizations, Hensi says, “Most groups are very driven by business, entrepreneurship and networking. This is a family. This is emotional. This is not for everybody. We have a zero tolerance policy towards gossip, underhandedness, judgment or disrespect.”

The organization’s title, much like the substance of the group itself, is deeply personal to Hensi. She reflects on her childhood, whenever she would get caught up in feeling down, and says, “My grandmother would always just look at me and tell me that there was nothing a little lipstick couldn’t fix.”

Hensi has developed Lipstick Sister [chapters] across America, with Los Angeles as the flagship, New York City, Washington D.C., and Orange County blooming behind it. This year, additional [chapters] will be launched in San Diego and San Francisco. The online publication for the group (lipsticksister.com) features regular spotlight articles on the members, exclusive interviews with many of America’s influencers, event reviews and hot topic discussions, as well as a “Dynamic Duo” series, which highlights how empowered femininity can be even stronger when women rise up together in pairs.

Ultimately, Hensi’s goal is to alter the mistaken notion that women must compete in order to attain success, and she is providing a nationwide solution to the problem of loneliness or distrust felt by many entrepreneurial women at the top of their professional game. She is creating an expansive and impactful network of independent women, while simultaneously enhancing their personal lives through an inevitable ripple effect of increased solidarity. Numerous members rave that their lives have been invaluably benefited through membership in the group, and the numbers are growing daily. Watch closely as Lipstick Sister begins transforming your city, too.



Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in Mexico City and moved to La Jolla when I was 12. From then I have lived all over the world: San Diego, Chicago, Italy, Mexico. You name it! I am that girl that loves to love and always lends a helping hand. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

How did you get in the industry?

I got into PR originally through an event I put together. It was such a fabulous event and I am such a people person, everyone told me I should get involved in PR, so I did!

Tell us a little about your company Lipstick Sister?

LS started as a very personal project. Based on my past experiences with women and “girlfriends” I was determine to surround myself by a better quality of women. Also, I wanted to remind women all around that we should be a team! We should feel like family, because we can accomplish so much more together. Embracing our differences and creating value in each other based on who we are as women and not on what we do for a living or the way we look or dress. Until our first luncheon I had no clue, how many women out there were looking for the same thing.

Where did you work before Lipstick Sister?

I did PR for many years in Mexico City.

What part of your job do you find the most challenging?

Keeping over 120 women in balance and harmony. It’s something I have to work at everyday! And I love it.

How do you bring new brands into your organization?

Some of the women who have reached out had their own brand, I think perhaps originally they reached out because we are the perfect demographic and target audience for a lot of brands, but once they got here they realized they would get so much more that just promotion for their brand.

Other brands have started to reach out to us directly based on our members. Again, we have the target audience and perfect demographic.

Are there busy and quiet periods during the year?

Yes, November and December are our quiet months. Most people are gone for half of those months for holidays, so it gets a little slow. But I welcome that time for myself. To recharge and reconnect and get my spirit and my soul ready for another phenomenal year with these women.

What’s your favorite quote?

“A real woman can do it all by herself, A real man, won’t let her”  I’m very old school…

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would love to be in the presence of mother Teresa. I know that probably sounds strange, but there was always something about her energy, the look in her eyes, that tiny relentless body. I would love to hold her hand and touch her face.

Who has made the biggest impact on your life so far, and why? 

My mother. She married at 15 and came from a low income family in Mexico. I have seen her struggle and come above water so many times. I have seen her try to relate to this new world that is so different than the way she grew up. She is a fighter and a deeply spiritual soul. She is transparent and brave and I look to her every time I am in doubt or fear.

Name one your strengths?

The way I can bring people to come together. Which in my business, is crucial.

How do you spend your spare time?

I am a total homebody, I love staying home, reading, spending time with my new baby Sweetpea. (Maltese) And I devote a lot of time to my family and my close friends.

Do you have a role model?

Not a role model per se, but I have always adored and felt a connection with Grace Kelly. I love a lot of things about her and I identify myself with her in a lot of ways.

What’s next for Hensi Morris?

To continue on this path of growth for Lipstick Sister and to expand our brand.

Any advice to women out there?

Do something that you are passionate about. Don’t make it about money, if you make money doing what you love, then that’s just icing on the cake, but wake up every morning excited and get inspired about what you do everyday.

Where our readers can follow you?


Instagram: @lipticksister

Twitter: @lipsticksister



Best book: God Wears Lipstick

Food: ALL (I’m a huge foodie)

Restaurant: Cecconi’s

Sports Team: Yuck! (none)

Morning, noon or night? Noon!!

Gold or Silver? Platinum (LOL)

Do you have any pets? Maltese/Shit-zu mix (Girl)

Nickname? Hens

Favorite color? White!

Photo credit: Ali Steele.

Bio credit: Jessica Ferguson.