If you feel like you’re not doing enough to help the environment, we have some good news for you: there are plenty of easy and affordable ways to make a difference. All it takes is a few simple changes in your daily life.

Here are 8 eco-friendly hacks that can help the planet without too much effort on your part:

Use eco-friendly laundry washing solutions

Make sure to use a non-toxic laundry detergent instead of one that is made from harsh chemicals. You can also use a much smaller amount than you usually would, as these products are much more concentrated and work just as well as traditional laundry soaps! Moreover, you can use white vinegar to eliminate nasty smells and eco-friendly laundry strips to remove dirt and grime, while also turning clothes brighter and softer! If you haven’t heard of these strips before, click here to learn more and see all the other benefits they bring. For an easy non-toxic stain remover, mix equal parts of water and peroxide with baking soda. Use the solution to scrub at any stains on any fabric, then launder as usual. Your clothes will come out stain-free!

Use reusable grocery bags for groceries

Using tote bags instead of plastic ones is a great way to help the environment. The average American uses hundreds of plastic bags each year, which sounds crazy! Just place your groceries in reusable totes every time you go shopping and you’ll see how many plastic bags it cuts down on. Keep in mind that reusable bags are also great for other things. Use them as storage for your dirty laundry, or to hold your workout clothes so they’re not thrown all over the place when you get home!

You can recommend them to your friends and family too!

Seal windows and doors to avoid heat loss

Many people lose a lot of energy through their windows, as it is very easy for cold air to get inside during the winter months. This is because homes are not properly insulated or properly sealed. You can save on energy by using caulk that insulates against air leaks and hiring professionals to help with your insulation by clicking here. Furthermore, having new windows installed can make all the difference! Since it’s an improvement over your old windows (which will be fitted at no cost) you may even qualify for some money back through tax credits or deductions! You can also look good doing this amazing eco-friendly thing, as windows that are energy efficient also come with a u-factor and solar heat gain coefficient. Check out this link to learn more about the different qualities of windows.

You can renew your carpets with organic cleaners

Carpet can be very helpful for homes, but they do require quite a bit of maintenance. They need to be cleaned once in a while, especially if it’s shedding lots of fuzz or making your home look dusty! Don’t use harsh chemicals for this though! Use non-toxic options that will work just as well, or better. Look into green carpet cleaners found here and ask around for recommendations from friends who use them too.

It’s important to take care of our planet so that future generations can enjoy it too!

Choose organic produce

Not only do organic fruits and veggies taste better, but they’re also packed with nutrients that aren’t found in their conventional counterparts. And how about this for an eco-friendly fact: planting organic crops actually reduces pollution levels because it doesn’t rely on pesticides. Think about that! You can even grow your own veggies right in the comfort of your backyard, which is a great way to cut down on costs.

You can look into joining a community garden too – they’re often free and always very trendy with the local foodies!

Use energy-saving appliances

It’s important to look at not just what you buy, but how you use it too. So many people buy energy-saving appliances like microwaves and laundry machines, yet leave them running for hours! This is actually very harmful to the environment because all that excess heat can cause extreme cold in your area, which causes horrible weather conditions. Be sure to read the manual on your appliance so that you know how much energy it uses. This way, you can adjust your thermostat so that you won’t need to run the appliance as long. There are also other small things you can do like drying your laundry outside instead of using a dryer and turning off lights when you leave a room for more than five minutes because both activities will save energy.

Swap your beauty products for natural alternatives

Did you know that traditional beauty products contain loads of toxic ingredients? That’s why going green is such a great idea – it not only helps the planet, but it also benefits your health. You can find natural alternatives to just about everything you use for beauty purposes, from shampoo to lipstick. Also, did you know that many major beauty companies are actually eco-friendly? It’s true! Brands like L’Oreal, Revlon, and Avon all offer natural alternatives or are very generous with their recycling efforts. Always check the label on your product to see how it can be better for the environment.

Get a home water filter

Tap water isn’t free from contaminants – nor is bottled water for that matter! Stop wasting time and money by investing in a faucet-mounted or pitcher-style water filtration system. Cleaner drinking water at zero cost? We think that’s pretty cool. You can even get a countertop system for your home and enjoy filtered water on tap. Be sure to make the switch today!

We hope that these 8 eco-friendly hacks have helped you live a greener life! There are many ways to help the environment, from using natural alternatives for beauty products and buying organic produce to getting a water filter. If you’re interested in learning more about other green living tips or how we can partner with your business on an online marketing plan that’s environmentally friendly, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you soon!