History has told us that wristwatches were originally made for the ladies. And the first
wristwatch was a beauty indeed, as it is a gift for the royal highness and Countess of Hungary. Since then, the wristwatch has seen quite an evolution. From mechanical movements to the more accurate quartz that’s popular with the ladies, the evolution isn’t near completion yet.

Today, wristwatches have become statement pieces in fashion, technology and immortalized in pop culture. Smartwatches are the latest trend, and with a more connected world, it seems like there’s no stopping the revolution. People nowadays just don’t want a watch, they expect the watch to do almost everything aside from telling time.

So if you’re on the lookout for some of the best ladies watches out there – this list is for you. Planning to surprise her these Holidays with something that she can use all day, on special events, etc? This list aggregated the best of the best watches in their respective fields, so you won’t need to scour high and low to find the perfect one for you.

Samsung Gear 2

Intuitive, unassuming yet screaming of quiet elegance, the best smartwatch the Android
ecosystem has to offer has done it yet again with the Samsung Gear 2. It’s the perfect watch to wear in a room full of Apple Watches, with its beautiful design and sleek style. Now is 18k rose gold, it’s a force to be reckoned with and can compete with luxury watches all day.

Plus, you get cool features like heartbeat monitoring, replying to notifications and
touchscreen and bezel integration. You can now personalize watch faces and there’s a nifty
trick of setting a world clock with three simultaneous cities. You also get the latest
personalized bands and trust us when we say there are a lot of options to choose from.

Bvlgari Serpenti

Probably one of the most coveted watches for the ladies, this iconic timepiece is a hit from
the famous fashion brand Bvlgari. Famous for its snakehead iconography, the brand
successfully parlayed this into its merchandise. Now on its modern interpretation, the Bvlgari Serpenti has undergone several cosmetic changes over time.

The latest iteration is now worn like a snake on the hand, with the snakehead as the
centerpiece. The band options consist of rose gold, leather, and stainless steel. There are
three lines in the collection – the classic Sedutorri, the charming Tubogas, and the quaint
Spiga. You can get these watches online, or book an appointment with your local Bvlgari

Tag Heuer Formula One

A maverick choice, but one that is fitting for women who makes big moves, Formula One is a sport watch that’s polished to perfection. It’s an edgy watch, to say the least, but the all-white aesthetic, thanks to its ceramic white details lends it its femininity. It’s perfect for special occasions, but also great for everyday corporate use.

Under the hood, you get a Swiss-made in-house movement, or quartz depending on your
taste. We say go for the Caliber, as it will last you the longest. Plus, with a 200m water-
resistance, you can have fun while being in style. Not to mention, the watch is set with at least 48 diamonds. What more can you ask for?

Skagen Women’s Mesh And Glitz

If you haven’t heard of Skagen, that maybe because it’s one understated brand that doesn’t usually get the credit it’s due. The whole brand’s aesthetic relies on minimalism, and the watch they produce is the sleekest yet elegant watches in the world today. Mostly powered by quartz, the watches are in the entry-level price point so you won’t shell out big bucks to get one.

The Mesh And Glitz is a stunning watch to behold. It’s called mesh because of its band, and
the glitz pertains to the shine of the mirror on the watch face’s edge. With a brushed chrome dial and crystal time indicators, it’s a watch that will take your look over the edge. It’s great to pair with a power suit, as well as sundresses and evening gowns.


Women’s watches have proven time and again that it’s the pinnacle of watchmaking and the representation of the finer things to be held in life. Getting a timepiece that will last a lifetime is great because it will be part of your journey. For the ladies, looking sharp with the help of these watches will take them to the next level.