When shopping for your man, you need to consider his lifestyle so you can rest assured you chose the right and meaningful gift. It may seem difficult to find the perfect gift; however, many men are actually practical and will appreciate the thought you put into it. Whether he’s a sports fan, a geek, a thrill-seeker, or simply your average Joe, this gift guide will help you in deciding which gift will be perfect for your man’s lifestyle.

For the Tech Lover

Nothing says practical like gifts that will feed his love for gadgets. Consider getting a wireless charger, a funky portable power bank, or even an at-desk charging dock station so he can be connected at all times. You can also get a 1 terabyte external hard drive so he can store all his data, videos, and music with ease. If he’s a music lover, consider investing in either a home speaker, especially if it includes a digital assistant, or high-quality headphones with premium sound, wireless functioning, and an adjustable equalizer.

For the Nomad

When your man is constantly on the go, then consider getting him items that will make him feel comfortable or special. Some of these gifts can be practical and customized and there are a lot of great personalised gifts for him that you can find at online stores with ingenious ideas. You can get customized travel mugs that will keep his coffee warm at all times, or environment-friendly water bottles that help during a hot day. Both beverage items can have monogrammed names, quotes, or any illustration. You can also find him the perfect messenger bag or laptop bag to help carry all his things. Consider getting trendy pouches for his small items as well as packing cubes for when he’s travelling.

For the Geek

If your man is big on reading, then consider getting him an e-reader filled with your book recommendations. You can also track down first editions of his favorite books or get him a new collection he’s been meaning to get himself. If he’s an entertainment fan, stock up on memorabilia from his favorite TV shows, movies, or comic book stories. You can also find vintage toys that are now considered collectable items.

For the Well-Groomed and Stylish

Keep him in style with a set of customized cufflinks, a leather wallet, wayfarers or retro sunglasses, or even a vintage watch. Or get him a multi-grooming shaving kit that can keep his face smooth and his hair gorgeous. If your man has a beard, consider getting him a beard grooming kit that is full of oils, combs, and tools to upkeep his beard. His beard isn’t the only thing that needs to be top-notch, you can also get hair conditioning and hydrating packs that will help him look styled and ready for a night out.

For the Foodie

Any man loves to grill, so consider investing in a unique grill set that will make him show off his grilling skills at your next BBQ. For parties, maybe he likes to serve a drink or two, get him a mixologist set so he can show off his bartending skills with the perfect cocktails. If he’s a coffee lover, choose the latest single cup coffee maker for a creamy and delicious cup of Joe. If he’s big on cooking, or even eating, there are a lot of gourmet treats, spices, and ingredients he can use to make delicious meals or even snack on.

For the Active and Athletic

If he’s the sporty type and loves a good adventure in the great outdoors, consider getting him a high-tech fitness tracker to keep track of his heart rate and his progress. Let him listen to his favorite music as he’s jogging by getting him a smartphone armband with wireless headsets. If he’s big on meal prepping for the week, there are several tools and gears that can help cook and store his food.

Choose What Suits HIM

While you might think that shopping for a guy is tricky, there are actually plenty of gift ideas that can be useful, as mentioned above. Just remember to buy what he likes and not what you think he will like just because you do. Use this guide as inspiration to find the perfect gift for your man!