When you are to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you want your beloved one to know just how much they mean to you, how grateful you are to have had them by your side for the past year and how special it will be looking forward to the next twelve months. Buying gifts is just one way to show your love and devotion, and it does not mean you have to break the bank or harm the environment.

Gifts can be physical gifts that your beloved may not be able to justify buying for themselves, but you know they would love. Gifts can also be experiences, such as a holiday to a dream location, which is a particularly luxurious gift if you were not able to go on a honeymoon when you got married. For additional inspiration regarding what to buy you should consult a wedding anniversary by year guide. Meanwhile, here’s several luxury anniversary gift ideas that will not hurt your finances or the environment.

New shoes

Build up their wardrobe with “investment pieces,” that will last over several seasons. There are no several companies making beautiful, luxury vegan shoes and boots, these are constructed with care, for perfect feel and fit. These companies challenge the waste caused by the modern fast-fashion industry with innovative, sustainable, cruelty-free materials and work with local artisans who receive fair pay.

Shaving kit

For a traditional wet shave, a luxury shaving kit is exactly what he needs to wake up to a deluxe spa experience every morning. A kit can provide a refreshing shaving cream plus a good quality badger-hair brush to apply it precisely and professionally. An eco-friendly shaving kit for those with sensitive skin can include an aloe vera shaving soap, a handmade shaving brush and a stainless steel safety razor for a shave exactly the same way men have done it for centuries. He will wonder why things ever changed.

Sports clothing

Whether your darling loves to practice yoga at home, spends a lot of time in the gym or has a team sport they enjoy, a new piece of sports attire will always be welcome. Look for clothes manufactured using sustainable materials such as recycled plastic bottles, upcycled coffee grounds and water-based ink dyes.

Luxury eco-resort holiday

From beachfront retreats that practice sustainability to eco-resorts in the middle of nowhere, there are many luxury destinations where the two of you can enjoy some quality time together. Go for a weekend so as not to break the bank or find your own piece of heaven on earth and go wild camping. If time, money and family commitments make a holiday impossible, book a couple’s massage at your local spa for some relaxed time together.


Choose a timeless, classic piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. Gold and platinum do not need to break the bank if you choose pieces wisely. Earrings trimmed with pure gold and studded with synthetic diamonds are both intricate and beautiful.

If you want to buy your name a new watch, the luxury company that owns Cartier, have also launched Baume, an entry-level watch collection made of sustainable materials, including recycled aluminium watch cases and linen straps.


Cotton, the traditional anniversary gift for those celebrating their second anniversary, can be celebrated with a gift of high-quality, ethically made and sustainably sourced bedding made from Fair Trade Certified organic cotton grown on farms harvested with rainwater as irrigation and sunflower seeds, mint, and marigolds, as pest deterrents.

Luxury bag

For the woman who carries her life in her bag, a luxury bag in a classic shape, with smart details including exterior slide pockets and an optional, adjustable shoulder strap, will be both chic and functional. Choose a classic satchel design which suits every style from casual jeans to formal skirt suit. Choosing a bag made from leather will see it wear well over time. Black is the safest colour, but consider forest-green, a deep brown or caramel or perhaps a mulberry shade.

New shoes

For French craftsmanship, quality, and durability choose Christian Louboutin’s high-end stiletto footwear or toughen up her outfit with a pair of Dr Martens Chelsea boots. Otherwise, stick with her favoured designer. It may be that your most difficult decision is what colour or pattern to choose. Leather shoes will last longer when well cared for, so add a shoe tree with your gift to ensure high maintenance of the new footwear.