If you follow the latest trends in the healthcare industry, you would definitely have heard of coconut sugar, an amazing natural ingredient that is being widely used now. This is a product extracted from the sap of coconut palms and is filled with nourishing ingredients that heal and treat your body inside out.

How all can you use coconut sugar?

1. As a sugar replacement

You can replace your refined sugar and jaggery with coconut sugar in any food/drink and experience amazing benefits. This has a glycemic index of 35 which is half that of refined sugars. This means that diabetic people can also use this without worrying about blood glucose shoot-ups.

2. Nutritional supplement

Coconut sugar is a rich source of iron, calcium, and zinc, which are all essential to keep your body fit and healthy. This coconut extract is also full of nitrogen that keeps your heart beating strong for years together. Replacing all your sugar sources with this natural ingredient will provide with great results over time.

3. Skin care

Every skincare product you buy in the market comes with the goodness of Vitamin C. This vitamin is known to develop a stronger immune system and also keeps your body disease free. One of the main uses of vitamin C is to nourish your skin. Coconut sugar is rich in vitamin C and this can be consumed or applied to skin externally. Both ways, it helps nourish skin and keeps you beautiful.

4. Exfoliation

Instead of investing in expensive scrubs and exfoliator products, think of coconut sugar as a cheap, yet effective scrub replacement. The mildly coarse texture helps remove dirt, dust and dead skin cells from the pores of your skin and leaves behind a soft and supple feel. Exfoliating once a week is a sure shot way to keep your skin healthy for long.

5. Body wraps

Body wraps are these days very popular for losing weight, detoxifying your body and for tightening loose skin. Coconut sugar is a great ingredient to add to your body wrap. This is to be mixed with essential oils, applied all over the skin and then wrapped tight using a clear plastic wrap. This is a great diy experience that will produce wonderful results to your skin.

6. Immunity booster

Consuming coconut sugar instead of refined sugar is good for your gut and promotes the growth of good bacteria. This, in turn, helps boost your immunity. With better immunity, you are healthier and there is lesser risk of infections and diseases. When you are healthier internally, it directly shows on your skin and leaves behind a soft glow.

Choosing organic products always has its own advantages. Look for good brands that produce 100% natural coconut sugar and use this every day for all your sugar needs and skincare requirements. You will look and feel your best and you will definitely recommend this to your friends and family too.