Masks keep us safe but they don’t have to keep our fashion game down

We can mask up and make it fashion

Of course we have seen masks can be made fashionably in fabric, patterns, styles but it doesn’t have to end there

1) Match your outfit to your mask, think about it as a new accessory to your look
Pattern with patterns, fabric with fabric, maybe a statement or favorite quote on your mask

2) I always say a pop of color, a pop of a mask in a bright color with a simple outfit to change your look up

3) ‘think about your earrings, cute small hoops, ear crawlers, bars, minimal but make a statement are great to wear to elevate your look and also not get caught in your mask ear loops

4) Focus on your eyes, strong fierce brows, glowy eye makeup,winged eyeliner, lashes, enhance your eyes since we are all smiling with our eyes these days 😉


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